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Can anything be done about my neighbor's tree that is posing a hazard to my property?

Hamilton does not have an ordinance requiring residents to cut back trees/shrubs that overhang onto the neighbor's property.  We do however advise residents whose property is invaded by these trees/shrubs to cut back all extending vegetation from ground level straight up vertically to any height of the problem overhanging their property. 


However, there is an ordinance, 362-1 Responsibilites of the owner and tenant; invasive plants; bamboo

It shall be the duty of any owner and tenant or person in possession of any lands in the Township:

To keep such lands free of brush, weeds, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, obnoxious growths, invasive plants, filth, garbage, trash and debris where such items are inimical to the preservation of public health, safety or general welfare of the Township or which may constitute a fire hazard.

Updated 3/20/2018 10:06 AM
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