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When are flu immunization clinics held in 2020?

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Dates for 2020 fall flu clinics will be updated in August.

Provided free of charge to community residents beginning in early fall. The program is targeted at the designated high risk population including: senior citizens, chronically ill, and handicapped individuals. CDC recommendations and guidelines are followed.  We recommend that you consult with your physician if you have any questions as to whether you should receive this immunization.  The vaccine contains protection against the H1N1 flu, as well as the two CDC determined "seasonal" flu strains.

In addition to adults, children over the age of 9 may also attend these clinics, but must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

The pneumonia vaccine is also available at the flu clinics to those who are eligible to receive it (over 65 years of age or have a chronic illness, including diabetes, cardiac or lung condition).  A doctor or nurse practitioner is always on site, so if a resident is under 65 and wants the shot because of a medical condition, they would be directed to talk to the doctor/nurse practitioner first.  Proof of medical condition is not required.

If getting both the flu and pneumonia vaccine during the same visit, the shots must be given in different arms. If there is a reason that the resident cannot receive a shot in both arms at the same time, then the flu shot only will be given and they will be asked to come back in two weeks to receive the pneumonia shot in that arm.

FLU CLINIC SCHEDULE FOR THE PUBLIC:  OPEN TO ALL HAMILTON TWP RESIDENTS (No restrictions except for Pneumonia Vaccine-must be 65 and older or adult with a chronic medical indication)

Monday, September 23 from 5PM - 8PM - Project Freedom - 715 Kuser Rd. 

Thursday, October 3 from 5 PM-7 PM Bromley Center - 1801 E State St.

Monday, October 7 from 9 AM- 1 PM -Nottingham Firehouse - 200 Mercer St.

Thursday, October 10 from 9AM-12PM (NOON) - Wilson Neighborhood Center - 169 Wilfred Ave.

Saturday, October 12 from 9AM-1PM -Hamilton Twp Library (Lower Level)- 1 Justice Samuel Alito Jr Way

Thursday, October 17 from 5PM - 8PM - Nottingham Firehouse - 200 Mercer St.

Friday, November 8 from 9AM - 1PM - Nottingham Firehouse - 200 Mercer St.

Saturday, November 9 from 9AM - 1 PM - Hamilton Twp Library (Lower Level) - 1 Justice Samuel Alito Jr Way

Who should receive Pneumonia Vaccine?

Pneumonia Vaccine is available all year for everyone 65 years of age or older or persons of all ages who have chronic illnesses including diabetes, cardiac, or respiratory conditions.

Please call the Hamilton Township Division of Health at (609) 890-3884 to schedule an appointment.

For more information about influenza, visit the CDC website.


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