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I am installing a new driveway; what are the specifications that I must follow?

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  • When installing a new driveway, the minimum requirement for the thickness of the concrete is 4 inches.  However, it is recommended that the concrete be poured to a 6 inch thickness so it is compatible with the 6" thickness requirement of a sidewalk.

  • The township standard for a blacktop driveway is 2" of compacted top over 4" of stone or 4" of recycled concrete. An inspection of the stone must be done before the top is rolled to reveal any deficiencies.
  • Materials that are permitted to be used for a driveway are Concrete, Blacktop, or Brick Pavers.  It must be dust free.


  • In front of the driveway you must have a 6" thick concrete sidewalk and apron.
  • Driveway overlay must be tack coated and keyed (12" minimum) at both limits.
  • A driveway cannot be more than 20 ft wide.
  • Any widening of your driveway requires a plot plan with your application.  The driveway must be 5 feet from the property line.  However, if the driveway already exists and is less than 5 ft from the property line, it is grandfathered.  Any widening of your driveway less than 5 ft from the property line requires an administrative waiver from the Land Use Office in addition to a plot plan.   

Permits are good for one year from date of issue. 

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