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What are the specifications for putting up a shed ?

A shed may be erected in side and rear yard areas only and shall be set back from side and rear lines as described below:
The foundation for the shed can be a concrete slab or 4 inches of gravel.
Sheds that are 12 x 12 or less, must be set back three feet from the side and the rear property lines.  
Sheds are to be twenty (20') feet from any adjacent dwelling.

If the shed is 12 x 12 or larger, it is considered an accessory building and the setbacks are determined by the particular zoning district that the property is located in.

An EZ permit is required if the shed is 200 sq ft or under.  A copy of the property survey must be reviewed by the Land Use office before obtaining an EZ permit.

 A Construction Permit is required on sheds 200 sq. ft and over.  To obtain a permit, bring a copy of the property survey to the Land Use office for review prior to obtaining a permit.

Permits are good for one year.



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