Golf Center

Does the golf center offer golf lessons?
What are the dates of the summer golf clinic?
What are the hours of operation for the Golf Center?
What are the NEW Hamilton Golf Center Specials for the driving range and mini golf?
What are the prices for the golf range,miniature golf and putting green?
When is the Golf Center open for the 2019 season?
Where is the Golf Center located and what is the phone number?

Picnic Permit

Are there grills available for use at Veteran's Park?
Are there pavilions available at Veteran's Park?
Can I bring my own grill to Veteran's Park?
How do I reserve the park for a picnic?
What are the picnic/park rules and regulations?
When will recreation begin issuing picnic permits?

Recreation Program Inquiries

At what age are children eligible to attend Safety Town?
Can I reserve the tennis courts at Veteran's Park?
Do I need an ID card to play tennis at the Veteran's Park Tennis Courts?
How do I get a background check done?
How do I get fingerprinted to coach a sports team?
How does a sports league or organization seek approval to tag?
I am interested in holding a special event at the park; what is the procedure?
What are the hours of operation at the Skate Park?
What date is the Oktoberfest in Hamilton for 2019?
What date is the St. Patrick's Day parade in 2019?
What dates are Hamilton's Winter Wonderland 2019?
What is the address for the tennis courts?
What is the date for the Independence Day Concert & Fireworks in 2019?
What is the Kuser Road address for Veteran's Park?
What organized sports do you offer for adults?
What sports programs are available through PAL?
When does the Camp Olden Civil War Round Table meet?
When is Camp Olden and the Civil War and Native American Museum open for tours?
When is the Abbott House open for tours?
When is the Azalea Festival at Sayen House and Gardens?
Where do I find out information about Safety Town?
Where do I find out information about the Isaac Watson House?
Where do I find out information on the Memorial Day Parade 2019?
Where do I get information on summer camps?
Who do I contact about tennis lessons at Vets Park tennis courts?
Who do I contact for the Hamilton Soccer Club?
Who do I contact for Youth Sports Leagues?

Sports/Practice Field Permit

Can a league from a different municipality reserve a sports/practice field in Hamilton?
What are the field permit rules?
What are the field restrictions?
What fields are suitable for Adult League (Men & Women)
What is the procedure for obtaining a permit for a Sports/Practice Field?
What practice fields are suitable for older children?
What practice fields are suitable for Senior League Age Baseball (13-15 yr old boys)?
What practice fields are suitable for T-Ball and Children to Age 9?
What practice fields are suitable for Women League Only?
When will the township begin to issue field usage permits in 2018?

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