Health Education/Clinics/Nursing


Are flu immunizations provided to homebound residents?
Can I come to the Hamilton Twp Division of Health if my child is sick and we don't have a private doctor?
Can I make an appointment for immunization shots for my child/children?
Do I have to live in Hamilton to attend the Sexually Transmitted Disease and HIV Clinic?
Do I have to pay for a flu immunization?
Is there a charge and is an appointment needed for the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic?
Is treatment available at the STD Clinic?
What are the times and places for the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and HIV Clinic?
What services does the Child Health Conference Clinic offer and what children qualify for the services?
What tests are available at the STD Clinic and is an examination provided?
When are flu immunization clinics held in 2018?
When are the private flu clinics for over 55 communities
Where is the Planned Parenthood Clinic located?
Who can come to the flu immunization clinics?
Who should receive Pneumonia Vaccine and if I am eligible how do I schedule an appointment?

Maternal/Child Health

How does one qualify for W.I.C.?
Is there a Public Health Nurse available to mothers and newborn babies?
What does W.I.C. provide?
What is W.I.C. Program?

Other Inquiries

Are there laws governing the disposal of syringes (Home Generated Medical Waste) in New Jersey?
Can you refer me to a mental health professional?
How can I safely dispose of syringes?
What about medical waste generated by medical care workers in your home?
What is Home Generated Medical Waste?
What type of Health Education does the Township offer?
Where can I go for family healthcare without regard for ability to pay?
Who are Home Generators of Medical Waste?
Who do I contact about alcohol or drug abuse counseling?

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