Animal Concerns/Issues

Animal Control Issues

Are there any low cost spay/neuter clinics for cats and dogs?
Can you provide me with the name and contact information for Rescue Groups?
Does Hamilton Township offer presentations to schools and community organizations on animal issues?
How do I report a lost/found animal?
If a citizen needs to find a home for a pet, will Animal Control pick it up?
Is there a leash law?
What animal control issues require that I contact Animal Control immediately?
What can be done if a neighbor's pet is loose and creating a nuisance?
What happens if I need animal control service after hours Monday through Friday, week-ends or holidays?
What is the law regarding animals creating a noise nuisance?
What should I do if I see an injured, sick or expired animal?

Animal Shelter/Adoption Inquiries

How can someone adopt a pet?
How do I contact area Animal Shelters?
What are the hours of operation at the Animal Shelter?
What can I do to help out the animals in the shelter?
What is the fee to adopt a pet?
Where is the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter and Adoption Center located?

Dog License

At what age is a dog required to have a license?
Can I renew my dog license before January of the year that it is due?
Do I have to notify the Health Department when my dog expires?
How long is a dog license good for?
How much does it cost to purchase a dog license and where do you obtain a license or get a replacement tag?
How, where and when can I obtain a dog license?
Is there a late fee if a dog license is not renewed by April 1st?
When are 2018 dog licenses due to the Township's Division of Health?

Domestic Animals Exceeding Limit Permitted

How many domestic animals may I have in my home?

Rabies Clinic Inquiries

Can my dog/cat still receive a rabies immunization if she is pregnant?
How long is a Rabies Certificate good for?
How old does my dog or cat have to be to receive a rabies vaccine?
What are the dates for the Rabies Clinics in 2018?
Where are the rabies clinics held?

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