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Are there any free paper shredding events for township residents?
Are there any programs that provide heating/cooling assistance?
Are there any records of my property ever having a well?
As a home improvement contractor, am I required to be licensed?
Does PSE&G offer any payment assistance programs?
Does the township test for lead?
How can I submit a service request from my phone?
How do I contact the Hamilton Township School District?
How do I discontinue delivery of the Trenton Times weekender advertisement?
How do I find out if a property is zoned residential or commercial?
How do I find the agenda for the Zoning Board or Planning Board meeting?
How do I get a bond release?
How do I get a taxi/limousine license?
How do I get access to current bus, train and light rail schedule information?
How do I get blue prints for my house?
How do I get permission to have a street blocked off for a special event?
How do I view the Agendas, Minutes and Proposed Ordinances of the Township Council?
I am looking for lawyer referral services; who should I contact?
Is my contractor registered?
Is there any income tax preparation assistance being provided?
There are colored markings on my property; what do they mean?
What are the demographics of Hamilton Township?
What are the fee requirements to register abandoned and vacant properties?
What happens if I sell my house before/after the homestead rebate is applied to my property taxes?
What is Neighborhood Watch and when are the community meetings?
What is the date of Hamilton's National Night Out 2019?
What is the fee for having the health department read well water test results?
What is the NJ One-Call (call before you dig) number?
What is the PSE&G pole-attached solar project?
What permits and licenses are issued by the Municipal Clerk's Office?
Where do I find information or report a complaint about NJ Transit?
Where do I find out information about Project Freedom in Hamilton?
Where do I get a Chimney Certification Application?
Where do I get a mercantile license?
Where do I get an application for a Contractor's Registration?
Where is the John O. Wilson Center located and what programs does it offer?
Who can apply for a Mercer County ID card and what is the requirements?
Who do I call to file a noise complaint?
Who do I contact for information about the Historical Society?
Who do I contact if a utility line is down?
Who do I contact if I lost something in Veteran's Park?
Who do I contact in the County for information on the Wellness Discount Program?
Who do I contact to file a complaint about a restaurant?
Who do I contact to inquire about affordable housing?
Who do I report mosquito problems to?
Who should I contact for winter energy assistance?
Who should I contact with a complaint about my utility services such as natural gas, electricity, water, telecommunications and cable TV?
Why am I experiencing discoloration and/or decreased water pressure?
Why are garbage disposals not permitted in the Township?
Why do I receive mail that shows my city as Trenton instead of Hamilton?

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