Vital Records

Birth Certificate

Can anyone other than the Mother or Father pick up the birth certificate for a new birth?
I live in Hamilton but I was born in Trenton; where do I get a copy of my birth certificate?
I recently had a baby, how do I get a Birth Certificate?
There is an error on my child's birth certificate; how do I correct it?
What is the age requirement for a child to pick up his/her own birth certificate?
Where can I find out what municipality in NJ I was born in?
Who may purchase a copy of a birth certificate?

Civil Union License/Certificate

How do I obtain a Civil Union License?

Death Certificate

Can I get a copy of my ex-spouses death certificate?
How do I get a certified copy of a death certificate if I am not the Informant?
I had a recent death in my family; how do I get the death certificate?

Divorce Decree

Where can I obtain a copy of my divorce decree?

How Do I Get Copies Of Vital Records?

Can someone other than the actual participants pick up a certified copy of a vital record?
How do I get a certified copy of a vital record?
What are the hours to walk-in for copies of Vital Records?

Marriage Licenses / Certificates

Can someone other than the couple pick up the marriage license when it is ready?
Do I have to register with the health department before performing a wedding in Hamilton?
Does the Mayor perform Marriage/Civil Union Ceremonies?
How do I obtain a Marriage License?
How long is a marriage license good for?
I am applying for a marriage license and cannot find my birth certificate; what document can I use as a substitute?
I was born in a different country, do I need to have my birth certificate translated?
In what municipality/state do I apply for a marriage license?
What documents do I need if this is not the first marriage for either the bride or groom?
When can I pick up my Marriage Certificate?
Where do I apply for a license if I live in Hamilton but am getting married in a different municipality/state?

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