Option 2 - Gutter Leaf Collection

Every Hamilton neighborhood is offered one gutter leaf collection.  

Residents must have gutter leaves prepared for pick up no later than 7:30 a.m. on the starting date provided for their neighborhood.  Click Here for Schedule for Gutter Leaf Collection

Important Notice: State Storm Water Management Regulations - that all towns and residents must follow - requires that leaves may NOT be placed near the gutter more than seven days in advance of the scheduled pick up AND NOT be placed closer than ten (10) feet to a storm drain.

For residents who reside on a County road, Mercer County sets the pick-up schedule and procedures for these streets. For all inquiries, please call the Mercer County Department of Transportation at 609-989-6629.  Click here for List of County Roads in Hamilton

For residents who reside on a N.J. State Highway, please contact the State of New Jersey at 609-588-6212 for further information. Click Here for List of State Roads in Hamilton