Pets Available for Adoption

Thanks to visitors like you, Hamilton's "Pets4Adoption" site has been successful in leading to several pet adoptions. 

Pictured below are just some of the loving, adoptable pets that are available and waiting to become part of your family.

Be sure to stop by our Hamilton Township Animal Shelter to see all of our adoptable pets! 

Picture courtesy of Tom Myers of Bundle of Paws


Let's find Brooklyn, a long time shelter pet, a forever home!  

Brooklyn is a good dog, she is loyal and dedicated to her owners.

She likes to go for walks, car rides, play fetch and makes the cutest faces and head tilts when she hears a dog toy squeaking so we think she would like a home with a fenced in yard, tennis balls, squeak toys and forever parents to throw her toys and take her for car rides and walks.

Brooklyn is a member of the “only child club” as she needs a home where she is the only pet so she doesn't have to share your attention. Brooklyn is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Picture courtesy of Tom Myers of Bundle of Paws


Haley is also a long-time shelter resident looking for a new home.  

Haley is a gorgeous, senior female with a heart of gold, but remains young at heart as she loves to play. She looks and acts younger than she.

Haley loves attention and going for walks, and is looking for a quiet laid back home where she can be the only pet. Haley would do best in an adult only home, or with older children.

She is a big, strong girl, and needs an experienced dog parent.  In return Haley will be a loyal and loving companion.


Sardine (Cat #305)

Sardine is a 5 year old, Siamese Cat.

She would be good for a family without pets and would best for a family that does not have young children.  She also likes quiet, so no noisy homes please!  


Misha (Cat #326)

Misha is a 5 year old, female,Silver Tiger Point Cat, who is already spayed.

She would prefer a home with calm dogs or other cats and older children.  She likes quiet surroundings; and like to cuddle. 


Hachi (Dog #136)

Hachi is a 6 year old, male, Huskie-Lab mix.  

He has a great disposition; but just wait until you see his big eyes in person!


Whittaker (Cat #267)

Whittaker is a male, Domestic Shorthair Cat,  who is already neutered.

He has a microchip and is up-to-date with his vaccines.

He enjoys a quiet living environment and would be best in a home that has no other pets and no children.  



Lyle (Cat #303)

Lyle is a young, male Domestic Shorthair Cat, who likes to play and to receive attention. 

He does not like to be restrained and would prefer a home with no dogs and older children.

Lyle has not been neutered.  


Dog #211

This puppy is a male, Lab mix that is looking for a loving forever home.   

Like most puppies, he is full of energy, but for the right family, will be full of love.  


Dog #116

This mature lady is a pit-lab mix; and she loves to smile. 

Would your home be right for her?  Visit her at our Shelter and see for yourself!



Are you looking for a kitten?  Maybe this little lady is the right kitten for your family?

She is a Domestic Medium Hair Cat, with gray tiger markings.

She is still small enouugh to fit in your hands!

This kitten has not been spayed.  



Here's another young kitten, but she was still a little shy for the camera!

Don't worry though, as she should become more comfortable in the right, loving family's care! 

She is a Domestic Shorthair Cat with brown, tiger markings. 

Visit her at our shelter!