Show Us Why Our Kids Love Hamilton

Township is Looking for Pictures of Community’s
Youth Enjoying Our Hometown for Annual ‘Photo Contest’

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Whether it’s exploring our parks, playing sports, or enjoying any number of everyday activities across our hometown – there are so many reasons why our community’s children love our township. 

And for this year’s annual Hamilton Township Calendar ‘Photo Contest’, Mayor Kelly Yaede and Township officials are seeking photographs that show why our kids love Hamilton Township.

“Our annual photo contest and our Township Calendar are enjoyed by so many of our residents; and I cannot wait to see the great pictures that we will receive this year,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “Because there are so many reasons why our community’s children love Hamilton, I believe that many of our residents will participate and show us what their kids enjoy about our great hometown.”

Township officials are asking residents to submit a photograph (limit of one entry per household) of children enjoying an activity, event or special place located in Hamilton. 

In an effort to help include as many entries as possible, the children in the photographs must be residents of Hamilton.  Additionally, all entries must confirm that the child or children’s parents or legal guardians give full permission for the photograph to appear in the 2019 Township Calendar. 

Each year, Township officials attempt to find room in the calendar for each submission.  But if the volume of entries through the annual photo contest prevents doing so, officials will plan a way to display all of the photographs through another venue.

Participating residents will be asked to fill out a mandatory contest disclaimer form on the Township website,, which will feature other important contest information, picture resolution requirements and a way to submit their one submission through the online form. 

Advertisement Opportunities

Each year, advertisements from private businesses help to continue the Hamilton Township Municipal Government Calendar, which is delivered to homes and businesses across the community. 

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