August 2011 Police Blotter 

August 1 - Burg/Auto - Maddock Ave. - reported at 9:26 am. - Victim reported a burglary to her automobile sometime within the past week. Entry was gained through an unlocked passenger side front door. Victim reports that an Apple Ipod, valued at $250.00 was taken.

August 1 - Burg/Auto - Chambord Ct/Bordeaux Dr.- reported at 2:24 pm.- Caller reported that someone had taken her ATt&T Slider Phone, valued at $158.00, and $250.00 in cash from her vehicle. Point of entry is unknown. No suspects at this time.

August 1 - Burglary - 3620 Quakerbridge Road/Harris School of Business - Approximately $330.00 in currency was reported stolen sometime over the weekend. Point of entry was a broken double pane glass window leading to the Director of Educations office. No suspects at this time.

August 1 - MV Stop – So Olden Ave/Estates Blvd. - occurred at 8:49 am. – Arrested was a Marisela A Guzmantined, 19, of Trenton, on two active Trenton warrants.

August 1 - MV Stop - Greenwood Ave/Massachusetts Ave. - occurred at 1:04 pm. - Reginald I. Francis, 39, of Trenton, was arrested on an outstanding Trenton warrant.

August 1 - MV Stop - Leonard Ave/Steward St - occurred at 6:20 pm. – Arrested was a Christopher T. Nevad, 23, of Groveville, for poss of CDS and poss w/ intent to distribute in a school zone. Also arrested was Jason R. Hengali, 31, of Trenton, on an active Hamilton warrant.

August 2 – Burglary - 1215 Hamilton Ave/MM Mini Market - reported at 4:28 am. - Caller reported that four males, two black and two Hispanic, medium height and build, threw a brick through a storefront window and stole several cell phones and boxes of cigars. Suspects also took $9,500.00 in cash.

August 2 - Burglary - 1842 S Broad St./A and E Auction Thrift Store – reported at 9:32 am.- Caller reported unknown persons(s) broke glass to the front double doors of the store and stole assorted merchandise worth $1,620.00.

August 2 - Burglary - 1200 Block William Valley St.- reported at 9:57 pm.- Caller reported that someone had reached through an open window to enter residence through the rear door. A Samsung laptop was taken.

August 2 - Disturbance - 953 Rt 33 Hwy/Acme Rt 33 - occurred at 9:03 pm. - Responding to a disturbance arrested was a Andreas Maier, 39, of Glendale, NY, on two outstanding warrants out of Brielle and New Brunswick.

August 2 - Theft/All - Lenwood Ct.- Caller reported that someone had stolen over $250.00 worth of wicker furniture off of his front porch overnight. Two chairs and a round table, all burgundy in color, were taken.

August 2 - MV Stop - 195 Hwy/Rt 206 Hwy. - occurred at 8:16 am. - Arrested Georgianna Hawkins, 33, of Philadelphia, PA, on an outstanding warrant in Riverside Twp.

August 3 - Crim Mischief - RWJ Hospital/1 Hamilton Health Pl - reported at 7:39 am. - Two cars were keyed in the parking lot overnight.

August 3 - MV Stop - Liberty St/Chambers St – occurred at 5:15 pm. - Arrested Kurtnie K. Samuel, 18, of Trenton, on an active Trenton warrant.

August 3 - MV Stop - Liberty St/Chambers St. - occurred at 7:52 pm. - Arrested Alfredo Alicea, 43, of Trenton, on charges of hindering apprehension. Additional warrants from Mercer County Sheriffs Department and Robbinsville Police were located.

August 3 - MV Stop - Atlantic Ave/Hamilton Ave - occurred at 10:49 pm. - Arrested Jacob G. Dolloyah, 20, of Trenton for outstanding Trenton warrants.

August 3 - KMART Store/1061 Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd.- occurred at 5:01 pm. - Two juveniles, one female from Hamilton, and one male from Pemberton, were arrested for shoplifting.

August 4 - MV Stop - Hamilton Ave/Bentley Ave.- occurred at 1:38 pm.- Police arrested Erickson McClain, 20 of Hamilton, on an active Burlington Twp warrant. Also arrested was Jacob G. Dolloyah, 20, address not given, on an active warrant for Trenton.

August 4 - MV Stop - Atlantic Ave/Greenwood Ave.- occurred at 7:15 pm. - Police arrested Yvens Joseph, 27, of Hamilton, on an outstanding Trenton warrant after stopping his motor vehicle.

August 4 - MV Stop - Massachusetts Ave/Quincy Ave. - occurred at 7:57 pm. - Arrested Sean R. Fone, 28, of Ewing on an active Trenton warrant.

August 4 - Susp Person - Hamilton Ave/S Olden Ave.- occurred at 10:26 pm. - Joseph E. Rabattie, 40, of Trenton, was arrested on a warrant from Lumberton Twp. Rabattie additionally charged with poss. of CDS.

August 4 - Susp Vehicle - Arbor Ave/Dead End - occurred at 9:50 am. – Arrested Marc Andre, 23, of Hamilton, on an outstanding Hamilton warrant.

August 5 - Burg/Auto - 1400 Block Nottingham Way 2- reported at 12:04 am. – Caller reported a Garmin GPS taken from their unlocked vehicle sometime overnight.

August 5 - Burg/Auto - 1200 Block Nottingham Way- reported at 11:44 am. - Caller reported that her rear driver’s side window was broken and vehicle entered sometime overnight. Vehicle parked in an alleyway behind residence.

August 5 - Disturbance -1700 Block S Broad St. - occurred at 6:31 pm.- Arrested Willie R. Rolling, 20, of Trenton, on an active Trenton warrant.

August 5- MV Stop - S Clinton Ave/Lily St.- occurred at 10:16 pm.- Eric S. Morabito, 23 of Trenton, was arrested for an outstanding Trenton warrant.

August 5- Crim Mischief -2000 Block Genesee St.- reported at 1:55 pm.- Caller reported that the driver side mirror on his vehicle had been broken sometime overnight.

August 5- Burg/Auto - Stenton Ct 8- reported at 4:27 pm.- Victim reports that someone entered her vehicle through the passenger side window and took a Tom Tom GPS valued at $300.00.

August 6- Disturbance- 400 Nottingham Way- occurred at 3:05 pm. - Police arrested Darren L. Wardlaw, 41, of Trenton, after responding to a report of a disturbance at a Laundromat. Suspect was charged with hindering apprehension, receiving stolen property, and possession of drug paraphernalia

August 6- Theft/All- Matthew Dr.- reported at 7:06 am.- Caller reported the theft of a boys bicycle overnight. Bicycle described as a 20” Mongoose Money Green bike with money signs on frame. No suspects at this time.

August 6- Theft/All- Walmart/700 Marketplace Blvd.- reported at 7:07 pm.- Caller reports the theft of her purse while shopping. Stolen was a Nokia cell phone valued at $170.00 and $50.00 in cash.

August 6- MV Stop - E State St/Johnston Ave.- occurred at 12:04 am.- Arrested Fukwaun R. Ames,26, of Trenton, on an active warrant for Lawrence Township.

August 6- MV Stop - So Olden Ave/Cedar Ln. - occurred at 7:47 pm. - Vincent C. Malcom, 29, of Hamilton, arrested on an outstanding warrant in Princeton.

August 6- Theft/All - 100 Block Extonville Road- reported at 10:34 am. - Caller reported the theft of over $6000.00 in jewelry from his residence.

August 7- Burglary – 1900 Block So Broad St. - reported at 11:42 am. - Caller states that someone broke into his garage overnight. Caller reports $100.00 in cash taken from his vehicle. Entry was made through an unlocked garage door

August 7- Burglary- 500 Block Hunt Ave. - reported at 1:31 pm. - Caller states that someone had broken the lock to the side door of her residence. Caller reported that a radiator and copper pipes were taken.

August 7- Disturbance- 100 Block Pearson Dr.- occurred at 10 pm.- Arrested Ann M. Eggert, 40, of Hamilton , on an active warrant for Springfield Township . Eggert also charged with hindering apprehension.

August 7- Susp Vehicle- 200 Block Henry St. - occurred at 9:56 pm. - Arrested David E. Maurer, 43, of Ewing, for DUI.

August 8 - Burg/Auto - 300 Block Lily St.- reported at 7:26 am.; Caller states that someone broke into his truck and stole $1,200.00 worth of tools. Victims’ truck was unlocked

August 8 - Burglary - 600 Block Miller Ave. - reported at 9:57 pm.; Caller reported a burglary to her residence had occurred within the past twenty four hours. Proceeds include two Samsung 42” TV’s, a computer, and an XBOX system. Point of entry is unknown at this time.

August 8 - Crim Mischief - McGalliard School/1600 Arena Dr.- reported at 9:30 am.; Three windows were reported broken at the school.

August 8 - Mv Stop - So Broad St/New Cedar Ln-occurred at 5:51 pm.; Arrested Patrick E. Diviaio, 47, of Hamilton on an outstanding Mercer County Sheriffs Office warrant.

August 8 - Robbery -E State St/Nottingham Way - reported at 5:01 pm.; Caller reported being robbed of his cell phone by two men. Arrested was Jacquaez J. Pearson, 20, of Hamilton.

August 8 - Shoplifting - 1700 Nottingham Way/Rainbow Shop; occurred at 6:43 pm.; Arrested a trio of shoplifters. Detrore D. Sumter,33, of Trenton, Shakoya J. Howard, 19, Trenton, and Shannel D. Clark, 27.

August 9 - Burg/Auto - 200 Block Sherwood Ave.; Caller reported someone had entered his unlocked vehicle overnight through the driver side door. Proceeds included a Citizen watch, cigarettes, from the center console.

August 9 - Graffiti - Klockner Rd/Montana Ave. - reported at 3:01 pm.; Caller reported that someone had defaced a stop sign.

August 9 - Shoplifter - 2465 So Broad St/Dollar Tree - occurred at 11:43 am.; Donald B. Perry, 52, of Hamilton, was arrested for shoplifting. Perry also charged with an outstanding Hamilton warrant.
August 9 - Susp Person -1100 Block Nottingham Way - occurred at 7:03 pm.; Arrested Breion D. Turner, 22, of Trenton on a Trenton warrant.

August 9 - Susp Vehicle -100 block Atkins Ave - Arrested Jarett W.Darby, 20, and Lester A. Barnett, 21, both of Trenton. Both were charged with poss. of CDS with intent to distribute.

August 10 - Burg/Auto - 200 Block Erman Ct 2- reported at 10:25 am.; Caller reported someone entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and took a GPS unit and cash.

August 10 - Burglary - 4000 Block Nottingham Way - reported at 11:50 pm.; Stolen was $18,000 in jewelry and cash.

August 10 - MV Stop - Arena Dr/Reeves Ave. - occurred at 1:14 pm.; Arrested Kristin Worth,21, of Hamilton, on an active Trenton warrant. Worth also charged with possession of CDS.

August 10 - MV Stop - Johnston Ave/Walnut Ave.- occurred at 10:37 am.; Lynsay Brachelli, 27, of Hamilton arrested on an outstanding warrant for Ewing.

August 10 - Shoplifting - Kohls/460 Marketplace Blvd. - occurred at 4:26 pm. Stephaine A. Sullivan, 20, of Florida, and Janis A. Ospina, 19, of Hamilton, was arrested.

August 11 - Burglary – 1500 block Elizabeth Brom Ave. - reported at 9:15 am.; Taken was a Mitsubishi 52” TV and jewelry valued at $8923.00.

August 11 - Burglary - Burke Road - reported at 2:53 pm.; Taken was a 5 gal jug of coins.

August 11- Disturbance - 1300 Block Kuser Road- occurred at 12:46 pm.; Arrested Terrence L. Pierce, 29, of Hamilton, on an active Trenton warrant..

August 11 - MV Stop - Second Ave/Assunpink Blvd.- occurred at 4:43 pm.; Heladio Serrano, 41, address unknown, arrested on a Monmouth Co Sheriffs Office warrant.

August 11- MV Stop - S Broad St/Samdin Blvd. - occurred at 6:28 pm.; Arrested were Anthony M. Fazio, 20, of Hamilton, Damien T. Sapp, 20, Ewing, and Brittany P. Erdogan, 18, of New York.

August 11- Susp Person - Johnston Ave/E State St. - occurred at 10 pm.; Edmund Brown, 29, address unknown, was arrested on an active Trenton warrant.

August 12 - Burg/Auto - 100 Block McAdoo Ave. - reported at 9:20 am.; Caller reported someone entered her unlocked vehicle overnight and took a GPS unit and $250.00 in checks.

August 12 - Disturbance - Take It Easy Bar/69 Rt 156 Hwy -occurred at 1:48 am. - Arrested Martin Lyons, 51, of Hamilton, on charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

August 12 - MV Stop - Whitehead Rd/E State St.- occurred at 6:21 pm.; Drew F. Pringle, 26, of N Cranbury, was arrested for active warrants for Ewing and East Windsor, and poss. of CDS. Shawn Pringle was arrested for a warrant out of Princeton Boro.

August 12 - Shoplifter - Kohl’s/460 Marketplace Blvd.- occurred at 4:04 pm.; Lena Testa, 40, of Trenton, was arrested for taking $40.93 worth of assorted jewelry.

August 12 - MV Stop - Barricklo St/Barnt Deklyn Road - occurred at 9:09 pm.; Nicholas P. Toboz, 20, was arrested for an outstanding Hamilton warrant.

August 13 - Susp Person - Whitehead Rd/E State S t - occurred at 3:19 pm.; Rosheeb S Dugger, 32, of Trenton. Was arrested for outstanding warrants in Ewing, Lawrence, Robbinsville, S Brunswick, and Trenton.

August 13 - Theft/All - Hilton Garden Inn/800 Rt. 130 Hwy - reported at 4:39 pm.; theft of an IPOD Docking station.

August 13 - Burg/Auto - 1500 Block Genesee St - reported at 8:04 am.; Caller reported the theft of two subwoofer speakers valued at $300.00.Lift gate window of vehicle broken to gain access.

August 13 - Burglary - Phaeton Drive - occurred at 7:05 pm.; Arrested Jonathan R. Moon, 27, address not given, and charged him with obstructing arrest.

August 14 - Burg/Auto - 600 Block Johnston Ave.- reported at 2:19 pm.; Caller reported that unknown person had entered his vehicle overnight and took a Citibank credit card.

August 14 - Susp Person - Victor Ave. - occurred at 0:44 am.; Arrested for obstruction was Tarlue B. Gaye, 20, of Hamilton.

August 15 - Burglary - 900 Block Lalor St.- reported at 9:04 am.; Caller reports that the doors to her shed are open and someone stole food out of the freezer in her shed. Entry gained to shed through an unlocked shed door.

August 15 - Burglary - 100 Block Joan Terrace - reported at 8:46 pm. – Stolen was one adult size tricycle, gas powered weed whacker, and a grey tool box with various tools.

August 15 - Crim Mischief - Verona Ave.- reported at 12:23 pm.- Caller reported unknown person(s) had keyed daughters’ car sometime overnight. Red Mitsubishi Eclipse sustained damage to doors, hood and trunk.

August 15 - MV Stop - Klockner Rd/Whitehorse-Mercerville Rd.- occurred at 12:34 pm.; Police arrested Shawn A Bartee, 22, of Jersey City, and Tyrief R. Martin, 22, also of Jersey City, after a motor vehicle stop Both suspects charged with obstruction and hindering arrest.

August 15 - Robbery - Cedar Gardens/661 Rt 33 Hwy. - occurred at 8:30 pm.; Asia N. Brown, 34, of Trenton, was arrested. Brown received additional charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, hindering apprehension, and criminal mischief.

August 16 – Burg/Auto - East Acres Dr. - reported at 9:20 pm ; A pair of car burglaries were reported in the area overnight. Stolen from both unlocked vehicles was change.

August 16 - Burglary - Pannick Dr. - reported at 1:29 pm.; Stolen from the residence was one 9mm semi-auto handgun w gold trigger, one laptop computer, and one Play station 3 video game.

August 16 – Burglary – Waverly Place – reported at 1:14 pm.; Victim reports the loss of various jewelry items over $1000.00, from residence.

August 16 – MV Stop – Greenwood Ave/Woodlawn Ave. - occurred at 9:30 pm.; Arrested Nicolas J Lafleur, 28, of Hamilton,. Suspect charged with possession of CDS and paraphernalia.

August 16 – Burglary – Cardigan Road - reported at 8:07 am.; Caller reported a burglary to residence overnight. Entry made by prying open kitchen window. Taken was $100.00 in cash and a 30 inch flat screen TV.

August 17 - Susp Person - Greenwood Ave/Lynwood Ave - occurred at 4:50 pm.; Arrested Josean Hernandez, 31, of Trenton, on active warrants for Ewing and Princeton Jct. Suspect also charged with hindering and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 17 - MV Stop - S Broad St/Maddox Ave-occurred at 9:32 pm ; Ryan P. Pery, 22, Kansa M. Zuczek, 25, and Anthony M Cucinotta,29, all of Hamilton, were charged with possession of CDS and paraphernalia.

August 17 - MV Stop – S Broad St/Mary St. - occurred at 12:07 pm.; Michael W. Motchnik, 20, of Trenton charged with an outstanding warrant in Lawrence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 17 - Crim Mischief - Veterans Park East/1835 Yardville/Ham Sq Rd – damage to the fences surrounding the tank and the helicopter. Caller also reported a ceramic sink smashed on the jogging trail.

August 17 - Burglary – 500 block Klockner Ave. - reported at 7:37 am.; Caller stated that a Redmax backpack blower and two Redman weed trimmer stolen from an unlocked shed.

August 17 - Burglary - 300 Block Parkinson Ave.- reported at 10:21 am.- One Sears air compressor and an unknown amount of cooper piping was stolen from a vacant residence.

August 18 - Burg/Auto – Kino Blvd. - reported at 11:13 am.; Two separate car burglaries were reported overnight to unlocked vehicles.. First victim reported $20.00 in currency and a gift bag taken. Second victim reported the loss of a bracelet containing credit cards and other personal documents.

August 18 - Burg/Auto - Rennie St.- reported at 3:04 pm.; Caller reported unknown person had entered the unlocked passenger side door of her car and taken $400.00 in cash and assorted credit cards.

August 18 - Burglary - Anesthesia Pain Center/1666 Hamilton Ave. - reported at 6:55 am.; Caller reported a white male wearing a ski mask, used a garbage can to break the rear window of business. Suspect took a Dell laptop computer valued at $600.00.

August 18 - MV Stop - Genesee St./Lily St.- occurred at 10:47 am.; Arrested Veronica L Barry, 39, of Trenton, on an active Trenton warrant.

August 18 - MV Stop - Nottingham Way/E State St. - occurred at 9:13 pm; Arrested Cecil B. Pace, 23, of Trenton for a Trenton warrant and an additional charge of hindering apprehension.

August 18 - Mv Stop - Chambers St/E Brown St. - occurred at 11:57 pm.; Police arrested Omar S. Moye, 19, of Ewing, on a Ewing Twp warrant. Moye also charged with possession of CDS.

August 19 - Burg/Auto - Rennie St. - reported at 11:06 am.; Caller reported her purse taken from an unlocked vehicle containing $400.00.
August 19 - Crim Mischief - Sayen Gardens Park/155 Hughes Dr. - reported at 7:48 am: four wooden benches, the fountain gazebo umbrella, and the gazebo’s lattice panels, had been broken by unknown person(s) sometime overnight.

August 19 - Susp Person - Greenwood Ave./Massachusetts Ave/ occurred at 11:45 am.; Michael J. White, 56, of Trenton, was arrested for possession of CDS.

August 19 - Shoplifter - Walmart/700 Marketplace Blvd. - Rajeeah Jones, 32 of Trenton, was arrested, along with a juvenile, for shoplifting.

August 19 - MV Stop - S Broad St./Lalor St.- occurred at 11:21 pm.- Arrested Victor J. Rivera, 24, of Trenton for active warrants in Burlington Twp. and Trenton.

August 20 - Burg/Auto - Old Navy/190 Marketplace Blvd. - reported at 7:01 pm.: Six vehicles were reported broken into between 7 and 8 pm. Entries were gained through the driver’s side or passenger side window.

August 20 - MV Stop – Liberty St./Chambers St.- occurred at 10:29 pm.: Stephen G. Sawka, 21, of Monroe, was arrested for possession of CDS and possession of CDS with intent to distribute.

August 20 - MV Stop - S. Clinton Ave. /Whitehorse Ave. - occurred at 6:51 pm; arrested Steven M. Sell, 51, of Bordentown, on a Bordentown City warrant.

August 20 - Burglary – Martin Lane – reported at 9:30 am. ; Toshiba Plasma TV 40”, valued at $700.00 reported taken along with video game system.

August 20 - Susp Person¬- Rennie St/Borden Ave. - occurred at 10:28 pm: arrested Dashaun D. Dawkins, 21, on a charge of disorderly conduct.

August 21 - Burglary – Subway/1201 Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd. - reported at 8:52 am ; $2070.85 in cash stolen from the restaurant overnight.

August 21 - Burg/Auto - Crawford Ct. - reported at 9:56 am.- Stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight was $120.00 and a black leather bank bag.

August 21 - BurgAuto – Elmore Ave - reported at 11:29 am. ; Overnight a cell phone, GPS, and change were taken from his vehicle. Point of entry was an unlocked driver’s side door.

August 21 - Burglary - 400 Block Hunt Ave. - reported at 9:47 pm; 10” Compaq computer and a Play Station 3 were stolen.

August 21 - MV Stop - Liberty St./Hutchinson St occurred at 9:35 am ; Arrested was Andre L. Jackson, 23, of Ewing for an active warrant in Howell, possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 22 - Susp. Person - Exton Ave. /Colonial Ave. - occurred at 1:04 pm.; arrested Michael D. Wimbush, 47, of Trenton on active Trenton warrant.

August 22 - Burglary -Bradford Ave. - reported at 11:08 pm.; $300.00 in cash was stolen. Entry was obtained through an open bathroom window.

August 22 - Burglary - 2500 Block So Broad St. - reported at 8:11 pm.; copper pipe was taken from a vacant house .Entry was made through a rear basement door.

August 22 - Disturbance - Warner Dr. - occurred at 1:19 am. ; Heriberto Lezama Cruz, 25, of Hamilton, was arrested for an outstanding Mercer County Sheriff’s Office warrant and East Windsor warrant.

August 22 - Burg/Auto – Periwinkle Dr.; reported at 5:17 pm.; Two vehicles were broken into overnight. Proceeds were a GPS from each vehicle.

August 22 - Burg/ Auto - Kelly Ct. - reported at 9:36 am.; stolen from an unlocked vehicle was a digital camera, various rechargeable batteries, and assorted US currency.

August 23 - Burg/Auto – 100 Block Norway Ave - reported at 8:17 am. ; Caller reported paperwork taken from his unlocked vehicle overnight.

August 23 - Burg/Auto – 300 Block Paxson Ave. - reported at 7:34 pm.; Garmin GPS unit, an I-Pod, and an FM transmitter taken from unlocked vehicle.

August 23 - Burglary - E Z Checker Deli/635 Block Arena Drive - reported at 5:06 am.; Front glass window of the store was smashed and ten packs of cigarettes, valued at $70.90 had been taken.

August 24 - MV Stop - Lalor St. /Deutz Ave. - reported at 11:45 pm; Dwayne S Penix, 32, of Hamilton, was arrested and charged with obstruction.

August 24 – MV Stop – Hamilton Ave./Perry Ave.- reported at 12:24 am.; Tisheen R. Mack, 20, and Justin Gulley, 18 ,both of Trenton.
Mack was charged with hindering apprehension and active Trenton warrants. Gulley charged with possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 25 - MV Stop - Hamilton Ave. /Johnston Ave. - occurred at 7 pm.; Arrested Robert A. Cedeno, 21, of Trenton for an active Trenton warrant.

August 25 - Burglary - Mervine Pl. - occurred at 8:42 pm.; Breion Turner, 22, and Terrance D. Maddox, 19, of Ewing, were arrested and charged with burglary, theft, criminal mischief, and aggravated assault. Maddox also charged with possession of CDS.

August 25 - Burglary - 200 Block Elizabeth/Lalor Ave- reported at 6:34 am; Pried open the front door. Stolen was a 50” LG flat screen TV valued at $800.00.
August 25 - Burg/Auto - Warner Dr/Nottingham Way – Stolen from an unlocked vehicle was an IPOD, valued at $250.00 and $3.00.

August 25 - Theft/All - Walgreens/1096 Rt 33 Hwy - reported at 2:44 pm. - Theft of $100.00 cash from a wallet that was left in the restroom.

August 26 - Burg/Auto - 3108 So Broad St. - reported at 6:54 am.; Purse with assorted items and $25.00 cash had been taken from unlocked auto sometime overnight.

August 26 - Theft/All – Shoprite/130 Marketplace Blvd. - Stolen from a shopping cart was a pink leather wallet containing $60.00.

August 26 - Shoplifter - Shoprite/130 Marketplace Blvd. - Sheryl A Worth - Farfalla. 51, of Trenton, Arrested for shoplifting $183.29 worth of food.

August 27 - Burg/Auto - 800 Block Edinburg Road - reported at 9:09 am.; Two unlocked vehicles in the driveway. Both vehicles had A GPS unit taken.

August 27 - Crim Mischief - Sharps Lane Park/335 Sharps Lane - Damage to a fountain in the park that occurred overnight.

August 27 - Burglary -1935 Greenwood Ave/NJ African and Caribbean Market - reported at 9:20 pm.; Smashed side glass door. Proceeds are $100.00 in cash.

August 27 - Shoplifter - BJ’s Warehouse/900 Marketplace Blvd. - Arrested Marco Miano, 51, of Millstone.

August 28 - Burg/Auto - 100 Block Lansing Ave. - reported at 10:09 am.; Wallet stolen form unlocked truck overnight.

August 28 ¬- Theft/All- Taco Bell/3200 So Broad St. - reported at 9:41 pm.; Red/slider cell phone, valued at $300.00.

August 28 – Burg/Auto – Scalia Ct. - reported at 11:55 am. ; Garmin GPS unit stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight.

August 28 – Theft/All – 300 Block Berg Ave. - reported at 5:13; Theft of a bike from residence. Taken was an 18”Vergo bicycle, green and black in color.

August 29 - Theft/All – Medical Arts Bldg. /2 Hamilton Pl. - reported at 2:43 pm.; Theft of $100.00 cash from a wallet left unattended in the restroom.

August 29 - MV Stop - Deutz Ave. /Lalor St. - occurred at 9:55 am. ; Arrested Nikia T. Alleyne, 34, of Browns Mills. Alleyne charged with obstructing administration of law and resisting arrest.

August 29 - MV Stop - Genesee St./E. Park Ave. - occurred at 8:18 pm.. ; Joseph D. Bethea, 24, of Trenton, was arrested for an outstanding Trenton warrant.

August 29 - MV Stop - Cedar Lane/Hutchinson St. - occurred at 10:21 pm.; Arrested four adults. Booker T. Hall, 27, of Trenton, and Kenny Louis, 21, Hamilton, charged with hindering apprehension and possession of drug paraphernalia. Lori A. Efaw, 35, of Hamilton, charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Isaibn H. Jones, 26, Trenton, charged with possession of CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia, and hindering apprehension.

August 30 - Burglary - Jeremiah Ave. - reported at 12:45 pm.; Theft of copper piping and a water meter from a residence.

August 30 - MV Stop - Rennie St. /Genesee St. - occurred at 9:09 am.; Dearest F. Sandi, 23, of Trenton, charged with an active Trenton warrant.

August 30 - MV Stop - Greenwood Ave. /Woodlawn Ave. - occurred at 9:47 pm.; John S. Visnyiczke, 34, of Bristol, was arrested for outstanding warrants for Westampton, Pemberton, and Neptune Townships.

August 30 - Theft/All - Natrona Ave. - reported at 5:44 pm.; Theft of assorted jewelry from residence.

August 31 – Theft /All - Waverly Pl. - reported at 5:31 pm.; Theft of a PSP 3000 and a Toshiba laptop computer.

August 31 - MV Stop - Liberty St. /Chambers St. - occurred at 7:36 pm.; Jon B. Lanza, 49, of Trenton charged with possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.

August 31 - Burg/Auto - 2000 Block Kuser Road – reported at 2:23 pm.; Unknown suspect pried open the drivers side door and took $150.00 in currency and the vehicle inspection sticker.

August 31 - Theft/All - 1800 Block E. State St - occurred at 2:11 pm.; Vincent E. Doggett, 20, of Hamilton, was arrested for a theft of a bicycle.

August 31 - Theft/All – Klein Ave - reported at 7:51 pm.; Theft of a girl’s 27” purple beach cruiser bicycle.