July 2011 Police Blotter

July 1 - Burglary - 100 Block Coolidge Ave.- reported at 9:55 pm. Caller reported that an undetermined amount of money was stolen from his house. 

July 1 - Motor Vehicle Stop - Nottingham Way/Whitehorse Mercerville Road, occurred at 11:20 pm. Police arrested Andrei G. Spirin, 18, of Princeton, for possession and transportation of fireworks.

July 1 - Criminal Mischief - 400 and 500 Block of Berg Ave and Cedar Lane, Police were notified about two separate incidents between the hours of 3-7 pm., of damage to vehicles in the area. First caller reported a broken rear window. The second caller reported that his tires had been slashed.

July 2 - Motor Vehicle Stop - Hamilton Ave./S. Olden Ave., occurred at 10:35 pm. Police arrested Darryan R. Dennis, 25, Trenton, on outstanding Florida warrants.

July 2 - Suspicious Person - Walnut Ave./Atlantic Ave., occurred at 6:05 pm. Police arrested Mark R. Henderson, 18, no address available, on outstanding Florida warrants.

July 5 - Motor Vehicle Stop - Greenwood Ave./Woodlawn Ave., occurred at 5:08 pm. Police arrested Tasha T. Serrano, 34, of Trenton, on outstanding warrants.

July 6 - Burg/Auto - 100 Block Victor Ave., reported at 7:38 pm. Victim reported that unknown person(s) had entered her vehicle overnight and stole a large print Bible with a black purse like carry case, value, $50. Some paperwork from the Bible was later recovered on Rex Ct.

July 6 - Shoplifter - CVS Pharmacy/200 Rt. 33, reported at 12:09 pm. Caller reported that a black male, 5’ 7”. 150 lbs., wearing a red shirt and baggy jeans, fled the store after setting off the alarm. Suspect dropped merchandise upon fleeing. Merchandise recovered at the scene included $323.12 in misc. goods. Suspect then fled in a vehicle driven by a heavy set black female.

July 7 - Burglary/Auto – Yankee Peddler Path – reported at 7:09 am.- Police received two calls of auto burglaries that occurred overnight. The first victim reported that entry was gained through an unlocked car door, and a pair of Nikon binoculars and $40 cash was stolen. The second victim did not report anything of value missing.

July 7 - Burglary/Auto – 200 Block Andrew St. – reported at 2:30 pm.- Caller reported that someone had entered their vehicle overnight and stole 2 nail guns. Victim reported broken glass on the truck bed enclosure.

July 7 - Burglary – 300 Block Bergen St. – occurred at 12:17 am. – Caller reported a suspect breaking into the front window of a vacant home. Martin Rodriguez Jr., 25, of Trenton, was arrested and charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, hindering, and criminal mischief.

July 7 - Shoplifter – Kmart Store/1061 Whitehorse/Mercerville Rd. - occurred at 8:21 pm. – Lisa A. Johnson, 45, and Brianna D. Melvin, 21, both of Trenton, were arrested for shoplifting.

July 7 - Suspicious Person - Lalor St./South Broad St. - occurred at 10:49 pm. - Arrested was Michael A. Hernandez, 25, of Trenton, on a outstanding warrant and hindering apprehension.

July 8 - Burglary/Auto – Weathersfield Dr. – reported at 5:42 pm. - Caller reported that sometime overnight, unknown person (s) had entered his unlocked vehicle and stole a Cannon video camera valued at $250.00 and an IPOD valued at $250.00.

July 8 - Theft – Caroline Ave./Bow Hill Ave. - reported at 11 am. Caller reported the theft of construction materials & equipment from a worksite overnight. An 8” ductile iron elbow pipe, valued at $600.00 was stolen.

July 8 - Suspicious Person – 100 Block Redfern St. - occurred at 11:37 am. - Police arrested Juan Carlos Cruz-Rosa, 34 of Trenton on outstanding warrants. Police also arrested Virginia E. Atwood, 31, on possession of CDS and possession of CDS paraphernalia.

July 9 - Burglary – Leuckel Ave. - reported at 8:03 pm. - Caller states that someone entered her residence through an unlocked rear door and stole $300.00 worth of U.S. coins.

July 9 - Disturbance - Delotto Dr. - occurred at 11:18 pm. - Police arrested Nicole Murphy, 28, of Trenton, on burglary and criminal mischief. Murphy also had outstanding warrants.

July 10 - DWI - South Broad St./Homestead Ave. - occurred at 1:26 pm. - Police arrested Khamvilay J. Cartegena-Gonzalez, 23, of Trenton, for DWI.

July 11 - Burglary - 300 Block Newkirk Ave.- reported at 9:46 am. Caller reported that someone had entered residence through a dining room window and stole $250.00 and a debit card from a purse.

July 11 - DWI- Bill’s Olde Tavern, 2694 Nottingham Way- occurred at 2:22 am. Police arrested Andrew Coughlin, 26, of Hamilton for DWI.

July 11 - DWI- Maitland Rd./Elton Ave.- occurred at 6:47 pm. Police arrested Michael L. Richardson, 20, of Jackson, for DWI, possession of CDS, and possession of CDS paraphernalia.

July 11 - MV Stop- Police arrested Joseph W. Moore, 25, of Bordentown, on possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.

July 11 - Suspicious Vehicle- Bill’s Olde Tavern, 2694 Nottingham Way. Caller reported two males in vehicle parking lot acting suspiciously. Police responded and charged the driver with drinking alcoholic beverage inside of vehicle and unsealed container in same.

July 12 - Burglary- 2000 Block South Broad St.- reported at 9:25 am. Caller reported that sometime between The 10th and 12th, someone had gained entry by breaking a 2nd floor rear window and stole assorted jewelry.

July 12 - Disturbance- Marshall/Lalor Ave.- occurred at 7:59 pm. Police arrested Earl W. Eggert, 43, of Trenton, on an outstanding Trenton warrant.

July 13 - Burglary- 1700 Block of East State St.- reported at 5:58 am. Caller reported that sometime overnight the front door plastic was pushed in and assorted tobacco products, various clothing items and cash was stolen, total value over $4000.

July 13 - Burglary- Miles Ave.- reported at 10:04 am. Victim reported that sometime between 8 and 10 am, someone entered her unlocked front door and stole $393.00 in currency from her purse. Suspect exited through a rear upstairs window.

July 14 - Burglary/Auto- NJ Transit Train Station/800 Sloan Ave., reported at 9:38 pm. Caller reported someone stole over $1000 worth of stereo equipment, and softball gear from her car. Point of entry unknown.

July 14 - Burglary- Richardson Rd., reported at 5:54 pm. Caller reports that while she was at work, someone entered her residence by cutting the rear porch screen door. The key was left in the deadbolt. Suspect(s) took assorted rings, necklaces, and bracelets. Value of proceeds $4,070.00

July 15 - Burglary/Auto- 200 Block Watson Ave., reported at 6:56 am. Caller reported that someone entered his unlocked vehicle overnight and stole his work keys.

July 15 - Burglary- 200 Block Reeves Ave., reported at 5:11 am. Victim reported that unknown suspect(s) entered residence through rear kitchen window overnight and stole a laptop computer valued at $600.00.

July 15 - Burglary- Nebraska Ave., reported at 2:06 pm. Caller states that someone entered residence and stole $4000 in gold jewelry and $750 in currency. Point of entry was an unlocked sliding rear door.

July 15 - Suspicious Person- Hamilton Ave./S. Olden Ave., occurred at 10:59 pm. Police arrested Aaron Kelly, 31, of Trenton, on outstanding Hamilton warrants. Kelly also charged with possession of CDS and possession of drug paraphernalia.

July 15 - Graffiti- 1800 Block of Chambers St., reported at 3:53 pm.- Caller reported several dumpsters were vandalized by use of black spray paint by unknown person(s).