Road Repair Projects

In the above picture, a Hamilton Township Department of Public Works crew is shown milling a local road, as part of a in-house capital road repair project.  

Hamilton Township Capital Road Projects 

 Road Repair Area Phase Approximate Project Date (for phase)
 Arbor Avenue  Hamilton Avenue to Cul-De-Sac  Completed.  July 2018  
 Billington Road  Albemarle Road to Fenimore Road  Completed.  June 2018  
 Blue Devil Lane  Martin Lane to University Drive  Approved by Council.  2017 Capital Road Repair Budget  
 Bruno Crescent  Argonne Avenue to Argonne Avenue  Under Construction.  September 2018 
 Burleson Avenue  Hoover Avenue to Wilson Avenue  Approved by Council.  2017 Capital Road Repair Budget
 Carlisle Avenue  Yardville-Allentown Road to Clarendon Avenue  Under Construction.  August 2018
 Chewalla Boulevard  Nottingham Way to Dead End  Completed.  July 2018
 East Brown Street  Chambers Street to Woolsey Street  Completed.  June 2018
 Fitzrandolph Avenue  Lalor Street to Benton Road  Under Construction.  July 2018
 Harcourt Drive  South Broad Street to Independence Avenue  Completed.  June 2018
 Hewitt Avenue  Lalor Street to South Street  Under Construction.  July 2018
 Hunt Avenue  Cedar Lane to Mary Street  Completed.  June 2018
 Lacy Avenue  South Broad Street to East McGalliard Street  Under Construction.  September 2018
 Redfern Street  Chambers Street to Woolsey Street  Completed.  July 2018
 Runyon Drive  Baylor Road to Meredith Road  Completed.  June 2018
 Shady Lane  Nottingham Way to Estates Boulevard  Approved by Council.  2017 Capital Road Repair Budget
 Soloff Drive  West Baylor Drive to Brafman Drive  Completed.  July 2018
 Steiner Avenue  Edinburg Road to Wittenborn Avenue  Completed.  July 2018
 Terrapin Lane  Deacon Drive to Wolfpack Road  Completed.  June 2018
 Tindall Avenue  Chambers Street to East Franklin Street  Completed.  July 2018
 Vincent Avenue  Nottingham Way to Hillhurst Avenue  Completed.  July 2018
 West McGalliard Avenue  Hunter Avenue to Whitehorse Avenue  Under Construction.  July 2018
 Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road  Route 33 to Klockner Road  Contract Awarded.  August 2018
 Wisteria Lane  Carl Sandburg Drive to Misty Pine Lane  Completed.  June 2018

Capital Road Projects - Division of Roads


Road Repair Area Phase Approximate Project Date (for Phase)
 Ashford Drive  Wolf Drive to Wolf Drive  Completed.  July 2018
 Bernath Drive West  Applegate Drive to Dead End  Approved by Council.  2017 Capital Budget 
 Carl Sandburg Road  Estates Boulevard to Cul-de-sac  Completed.  June 2018
 Elkton Avenue  Dead End to Dead End  Completed.  July 2018
 Katie Way  Valerie Lane to Valerie Lane  Completed.  August 2018
 Marlon Pond Road  Tudor Drive to Peter Rafferty Drive  Completed.  May 2018 
 Michael McCorristin Road  Kuser Road to Ray Dwier Drive  Completed.  June 2018
 Mint Leaf Drive  Tudor Drive to Limewood Drive  Approved by Council.   2017 Capital Budget
 New Street  Quakerbridge Road to Samantha Lane  Approved by Council.  2018 Capital Budget
 Patricia Lane  Copperfield Drive to Hempstead Road  Completed.   July 2018
 Rosalia Avenue  Nottingham Way to Olivia Avenue  Approved by Council.  2017 Capital Budget
 Tiberi Court  Estates Boulevard to Cul-de-sac  Completed.   June 2018
 Willowbend Drive  Country Lane to Kuser Road  Completed.  July 2018

Cut-out/Spot Paving Road Projects - Division of Roads

Road Repair Area Phase  Date
 Crosswicks-Hamilton Square Road  Lane Repair: area of Groveville Fire  Completed.  April 2018
 Veterans Park East Entrance  Parking Lot/Pathway  Completed.  May 2018
 Borden Avenue  Lane/Inlet Repair: Rennie Street to Lida Street  Completed.  June 2018
 Periwinkle Park  Pathway Improvements  Completed.  June 2018
 Rain Tree Drive  Spot Repairs.  Completed.  July 2018


 Utility Companies Road Projects (PSE&G, Aqua Water, Trenton Water Works, Verizon, Optimum, etc.)

Road Repair Area Scope of Work  Approximate Project Date
 Nottingham Way  Five Points Mercerville   Signal Work/Street Lighting; under construction  Spring 2018