Garbage / Household Trash

Trash must be curbside by 6 AM on collection day.  The total limit is eight bags and/or containers. Bags or containers should not weigh more than 50 lbs. each and must be equipped with at least one handle for pulling or lifting.  All receptacles or solid waste containers shall be constructed of metal or plastic and shall be watertight and fitted with a tight fitting covering i.e. a lid which shall prevent spilling or leakage of contents.  

If your whole street was missed and it is before 6 PM on your scheduled garbage day, it is not considered missed. If it is after 6 PM, please call the Call Center at 609.586.0311 and leave a message or call back the next morning.  If just your house was missed, first make sure that your garbage meets the above requirements and if so, then contact the Call Center at 609.586.0311. 

ATTENTION: If garbage collection is missed on Saturday, report via our website at or click here. Follow the prompts, accessing Submit A Service Request and select Garbage/PW and then Missed Garbage Pick Up/PW.