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8/19/2014 - Mayor Yaede and Her Administration Accept Council Members’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Mayor Yaede and Her Administration Accept Council Members’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Click Here to Watch the Video on YouTube! 

Normally, when there is a story about a Council ‘challenging’ a Mayor and his/her administration, it is typically confrontational. 

But in Hamilton, the ‘ice cold’ challenge from the Township Council was ‘warmly accepted’…and for a good cause.

Taking time out of their personal lunch breaks, today Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede and her Administration accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge issued to them by Hamilton Township Council Members David Kenny, Dennis Pone, Ed Gore and Ileana Schirmer.

“This was a challenge that I was happy to accept,” admitted Mayor Yaede.  “In this day and age, when people hear about ‘challenges’ between different branches of government, their first thoughts are about partisan gridlock, political fighting or obstruction.  But this challenge is for a great cause in raising awareness of ALS.”       

Before accepting the ice bucket challenge, the Mayor and members of her administration fulfilled their duties by each challenging three other individuals to take the challenge.  Mayor Yaede and her administration will also each be making private donations to the ALS Association.

The “Ice Bucket Challenge”, has gained notoriety recently, in an effort to raise ALS awareness (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).  Those who accept the challenge willingly get doused with buckets of ice water, record the event and then share it on social media to help promote awareness of ALS.  Then, those accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge nominate others to do the same.  Those who do not wish to be doused with ice water are asked to make a donation to the ALS charity of their choice. 

“For many years, I have participated in the ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ to benefit the Special Olympics; and in comparison I can report that the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ was easy to accept,” joked Hamilton’s Director of Water Pollution Control, Richard Watson.  “But in all seriousness, both are important causes that I am happy to take part in and help make a difference.”