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2/14/2010 - LATEST SNOW STORM EVENT INFORMATION - February 11, 2010


Unusual Snow Event This is an unusual snow storm event.  Blizzard conditions wreaked havoc because of motorists who did not yield to the request to stay off the roads.  As a result many cars were disabled along the sides of the roadway – we are removing these vehicles and are completing primary roads.  If you are disabled – you will be towed at your expense.  We recommend staying off the roadway until all roads are cleared.

Snow Plowing Emergencies throughout the night caused interruptions to plowing operations on primary roads in order to make way for emergency vehicles to get to victim’s locations in various neighborhoods.  Emergency dialysis and other medical emergency issues are handled first. Many areas have downed electrical and phone lines diverting plows delaying primary roads clearing.  We expect the primary roads to be completed by 10 am.

Removal Time We have 625 miles of roadways – the consistency of this snow is very heavy and icy.  This has added to the time it takes to clean all roadways.  Secondary roads in a normal snow event takes up to 36 hours to clean all streets.  We anticipate a longer plowing time due to the weight of the snow and the selective equipment needed to clear such an event. It will take into Friday to clear all secondary roads.  After plowing occurs there may be a large accumulation of snow on the sides of the roadway that may infringe on some sidewalks.  Mailboxes that are broken off will be replaced.

Snow Plow Sal Snow Plow Sal is housed on a server in Pennsylvania  - PECO Energy has outages that have affected the server which runs Snow Plow Sal.  We are hoping that Sal will be up and running shortly but may be inconsistent because of varied outages caused by heavy ice accumulation on wires.

Offices Closed Tax Payments Municipal Offices, the Municipal Court and Library are closed along with the Hamilton Township schools.  The due date for Property tax payments has been extended without penalty until Tuesday, February 16, 2010.

Special Assistance Doctors appointments do not qualify as an emergency – so no assistance can be provided for that reason.  Only emergencies such as dialysis, major surgery, medical emergencies and special needs patients will dispatch that special assistance.

Garbage Collection Garbage collection will take place on your next garbage day.  Emergencies and street plowing come first and therefore impassable streets have complicated garbage collection.  Wednesday’s collection will occur on Saturday and today’s collection is on Monday.

Driveways Our website has instructions on clearing your driveway so when the plow passes it dumps the snow in an empty area instead of your driveway opening. Go to Departments - Government Services – Roads – Snow and Ice Control