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10/17/2014 - Hamilton Mayor Organizes Ebola Preparedness Training for Township First Responders, School Nurses


Hamilton Mayor Organizes Ebola Preparedness 

Training for Township First Responders, School Nurses


Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede knows that it is always best to be prepared when it comes to public safety; and with the recent incidents of the Ebola virus in the United States, Mayor Yaede wants to ensure that the community’s first responders are ready should they have to respond to a case potentially involving the deadly virus.

“While all of us hope against the spread of this deadly virus, of which the likelihood of spreading to the general public is very low, I want our community, and specifically our first responders that are our first line of defense in emergency situations, to be prepared,” explains Mayor Yaede.  “That is why we have initiated a specific training for our first responders, using available C.D.C. guidance, to be prepared and remain vigilant.”

“While ‘hoping’ to be prepared is one thing; ‘being’ prepared is another.  With the proper guidance, our first responders will be prepared – which not only helps to protect their own safety, but helps to ensure the safety of our entire community,” says Mayor Yaede.  “By working together, we will be prepared and ready to protect the health and well-being of the citizens of Hamilton Township.”

Through Mayor Yaede’s efforts, in coordination with Hamilton’s Division of Health and Hamilton’s Emergency Management Coordinator, training sessions have been organized for specific personnel from Hamilton’s Police Division (part of the Municipal Government), as well as personnel from Hamilton’s independent fire districts (separate from the Municipal Government) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel.  During the Police training session, which has already taken place, East Windsor Township Police personnel were also present, as Hamilton Township has an existing Health shared services agreement with East Windsor Township.

Additionally, the training has been extended to school nurse personnel from Hamilton Township’s Public Schools (which is also separate from the Municipal Government). 

The preparedness training sessions, which will be led by Hamilton Township’s Advance Practice Nurse, Giovanna Guarraggi, will present Ebola virus response guidance that is based upon recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  The guidance focuses upon topics such as the ways that first responders can identify a person that may be affected with the Ebola virus, as well as the proper use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to help protect the first responders.  

Further, Hamilton Township will also have personal protection equipment available at the Hamilton Township Division of Health Building, which Township Division of Health Nurses have already been trained to properly use.

After receiving the training from Hamilton’s Advance Practice Nurse, the newly trained first responders and nurses will be enabled to properly share the preparedness guidance throughout their respective organizations, effectively coordinating Hamilton’s collective preparedness effort.