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10/31/2014 - NOTICE Regarding Property Tax Revaluation Process Field Representative Visits

NOTICE Regarding Property Tax Revaluation Process Field Representative Visits

As site visits begin by field representatives from Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. – the company performing inspections as part of the Property Tax Revaluation Process in Hamilton Township – Hamilton Township’s Tax Assessor’s Office wants residents to be informed and have helpful information regarding the field representatives and the inspection process. 

The Mercer County Board of Taxation has ordered a revaluation of Hamilton Township to be completed and implemented by the 2016 Tax Year.

As part of the Property Tax Revaluation process, a representative of the appraisal firm (Professional Property Appraisers, Inc.) must attempt to make an inspection of properties, as well as measure all buildings on, and improvements to, the property/land.

If no one is available during the representative’ initial inspection visit, the representative will continue with the exterior inspection and leave a post card with a phone number for you to call to set up an appointment for an interior inspection.  Owners renting to tenants, as well as caregivers, are asked to please inform tenants and/or caregivers of this information, so they can be aware of this information and process.

Residents are able to request the opportunity to schedule an interior inspection appointment at a later time, especially for residents to verify the legitimacy of the field representative (rather than to immediately let any field representative inside of their home if they do not feel comfortable without first verifying the identity and information.

The following link to Professional Property Appraisers, Inc.’s website provides residents with the names, identification badges and photographs of the specific field representatives that will be making inspection visits in Hamilton, as part of this revaluation process.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW:   

Any further concerns may be addressed with the with the Hamilton Township’s Tax Assessor’s Office by calling 609.890.3654 during normal business hours (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM).  Outside of normal business hours, residents may contact the Hamilton Police by calling 609.581.4000.


Additional Information

The following links provide additional information for residents as part of this process:

CLICK HERE to View the Professional Property Appraisers, Inc. Website for Hamilton Revaluation Process 

CLICK HERE to View the Hamilton Township Revaluation Process Question & Answer Brochure