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12/23/2014 - Sewer Backups - Notice Regarding Basement Installation Plumbing Code Compliance


Sewer Backups

Notice Regarding Basement Installation Plumbing Code Compliance 


Attention All Residents in Hamilton Township with Basements


As a reminder, if you have installed plumbing fixtures in your basement such as a toilet, shower, wash sink, or laundry facilities, you are required to comply with Section 5.5 Backwater Valves of the Plumbing Code (this section is provided below) and install a backflow preventer on your drain line if you meet one of the conditions in Section 5.5.1.  Compliance with this section will help to prevent sewage backups in your basement in the event that a blockage occurs in the sewer main piping in the roadway.  If a backup does occur and you have not complied with this code requirement, you will be responsible for any cleanup costs for your basement.  Should you have any questions, please contact Richard W. Watson, Director Department of Water Pollution Control at (609) 581-4140. 




5.5.1 Where Required

a. Fixtures and/or drain inlets subject to backflow and overflow from blocked or restricted public sewers shall be protected by a backwater valve.

b. Such situations include those where the flood level rim of fixtures and/or drain inlets are below the overflow level of the first upstream manhole in the public sewer that will overflow due to a blockage or flow restriction in the public sewer.

c. Backwater valves shall be installed in drainage piping that receives flow only from fixtures and/or drains that are subject to backflow from public sewers.

d. Other portions of the drainage system not subject to such backflow shall not drain through a backwater valve.


5.5.2 Material Standard and Accessibility

Backwater valves shall conform to ASME A112.14.1 and be installed so that their internal working parts are accessible for periodic cleaning, repair or replacement.


5.5.3 Notice of the Installation of Backwater Valves

When backwater valves are installed in building sanitary drainage systems, a notice shall be posted at the building water service shutoff valve(s) describing where backwater valves are located.