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1/24/2015 - Winter Storm Update – Plowing of Secondary Roads (Saturday, January 24, 2015)

Winter Storm Update – Plowing of Secondary Roads (Saturday, January 24, 2015)

The plowing of secondary (neighborhood) township roads is anticipated to begin around noon today (Saturday, January 24) and expected to continue overnight to attempt to clear as much snow as possible from secondary roads prior to a second storm forecasted for Sunday evening, as well as due to the probability of freezing temperatures over the next 24 hours.      

Please Remove Automobiles from Curbsides

Residents are asked to help crews plow more quickly, and help clear as much snow as possible, by removing automobiles from the curbsides of secondary roads.  We thank residents for their cooperation.

Snow Plow Sal Application will be Activated

The Snow Plow Sal application will be activated around noon today (Saturday, January 24).  The feature gives an estimation of when your street (secondary road) will be plowed. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

How You Can Help Avoid Driveways from Being “Plowed In” After Plowing: 

Plowing as close to the curbsides as possible not only allows for more of your street to be cleared, but also lessens the amount of snow residents may need to eventually shovel through.  For those who choose to travel before their street has been plowed, residents can avoid being “plowed back in” by removing the snow that has accumulated on the right-side of your driveway along the curb (from the perspective of facing your home).  See the attached diagram for guidance. CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Further Updates

In addition to the Snow Plow Sal application, residents can view any further update at the following locations:

Hamilton Township Website:

Facebook: CLICK HERE

Twitter: @HamiltonTwpNJ

Hamilton Township Email Newsletter Service (Sign Up): CLICK HERE

Mayor Kelly Yaede and Hamilton Township’s Department of Public Works ask residents to continue to monitor the weather forecasts throughout the weekend and to exercise caution if traveling.