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4/2/2015 - Mayor Shows Students Reading is Important and Fun!


Mayor Shows Students Reading is Important and Fun!


Reading is important…whether you are an elementary school student or the Mayor of New Jersey’s 9th largest town.


That is why Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede took time out of her busy schedule earlier this week to read to Ms. Becker’s Second Grade Class at Yardville Elementary School in Hamilton Township.


Mayor Yaede read And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, Dr. Seuss’ first children’s book.  She then explained to the students the importance of reading in her daily responsibilities as Mayor.


“Not only is reading a fundamental skill that helps our children learn and acquire the tools necessary to achieve success in their adult lives, but reading is also a fun and enjoyable experience that helps develop our children’s imaginations and creativity,” says Yaede, who is also an avid reader in her preciously scarce moments of spare time.  “As Mayor, I read letters and emails from residents, as well as reports and other important documents every single day.  I wanted to let the students know how important reading is in my daily responsibilities of serving our community.”