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6/9/2015 - Update on East State Street Fire in Hamilton Township, NJ and Request for Donations

Update on East State Street Fire in Hamilton Township, NJ and Request for Donations 

This afternoon, Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede, along with numerous Township officials, held a second public information session for residents affected by yesterday’s fire on East State Street in Hamilton, which affected 44 residents, including 18 residents that will be impacted by long-term displacements.

Both information sessions were held at Hamilton Township’s Bromley Neighborhood Civic Center, a Township facility located in the neighborhood affected by the devastating fire and operated by the CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) of Mercer County.  The civic center was opened immediately yesterday afternoon to fire victims and again earlier this morning as resource center, where residents can charge mobile phones and medical devices, receive light refreshments and escape the heat in the air conditioned facility.  The resource center will remain open tomorrow to provide further assistance.

“It is heartbreaking to see the devastation that has occurred, but our Township government and entire community are united in assisting those impacted by this fire,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede, who also serves as Public Safety Director. 

Despite the heartbreak, a brief moment of levity occurred with the report of two pet dogs and five pet fish, one named ‘Lucky’ – owned by one of the youngest victims – were safe following the fire.

Following inspections, six homes were severely damaged due to collapsing roof rafting and unstable walls, which will make them uninhabitable. Township and Fire officials will continue to assist residents to safely remove the belongings that can be salvaged before fencing will fortify the area for safety.  Other homes, survived with only minimal water and smoke damage. 

Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), the local utility, was forced to cut off service because of the blaze, requiring residents who will be able to return to their homes to have a licensed electric contractor verify that power can be safely restored. 

During the public sessions, residents were provided information and updates from Mayor Yaede, Hamilton’s Office of Emergency Management Coordinator David Carothers, Hamilton Fire Chief Thomas Gribbin of Fire Districts 2, 3, 4 and 7, Hamilton Construction Official Raymond Lumio, Michele Madiou of the Mercer County Division of Mental Health, Hamilton Office of Housing and Urban Development Supervisor Janice Blakely and Hamilton Health Officer Jeff Plunkett, along with a representative of the Princeton Chapter of the American Red Cross.  Other representatives present included Mercer County Health Officer Sharon McNellis Kissel and representatives from the Mercer County Aging and Disability Resource Connection.   Township officials distributed packets of assistance information regarding various government programs and non-profit agencies that may be able to assist the victims.  This information will also be available on Hamilton Township’s website:  

Request for Donations 

To assist residents affected by this fire, the CYO at Hamilton Township’s Bromley Neighborhood Civic Center will be collecting donations for the following items (for men, women and children):  under garments, shirts, shorts, slacks, sneakers, socks, kids pull ups, toiletries, shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, blankets, pillows, sheets and gift cards.   

Hamilton Township’s Bromley Neighborhood Civic Center is located 1801 East State Street, Hamilton, NJ 08609. Residents with questions regarding donations can call the center at 609.587.8100 or via e-mail at 

“Time and time again, the residents of our community have helped their fellow neighbors who are in need of our assistance; and I know that their response to this devastating fire will be no different.  Hamilton Township is a compassionate community that comes together in times of need,” says Kelly Yaede.

Assistance Information and Links:

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FEMA After the Fire Guide

Hamilton Township Bromley Neighborhood Civic Center (Operated by CYO)

Hamilton Township Housing and Urban Development Office

Hamilton Township Division of Health

Hamilton Township Division of Inspections

Area Food Pantries

Financial Assistance for Mercer County Residents

Senior Centers in Mercer County

Mercer County Division of Mental Health

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