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6/23/2015 - Congratulations to Hamilton Township's Clean Communities Contest Award Winners


Congratulations to Hamilton Township's Clean Communities Contest Award Winners


In the above photograph (from left to right) are the winners of Hamilton Township’s Clean Communities Contest: Dana Cuan, Hanna Babuschak, Kendra Charles, Julianna Salvatore, Daniella Conte, Hayley Jensen and Jahkai Stokes.   Not pictured are contest winners Olena Mykhalyshyn, Melanie Deleon, Sisqo Echevarria, Chrystyna Mykhalyshyn, Jineiska Mendez-Guzman, Rianna Gilbert, Brandon Rodriguez-Sanic, E.J. Eggert, Darrin Williams, Mayerlis Estevez, Claudia Wilkinson and Mary Abigail Lawas.  

The contest, organized by Mayor Kelly Yaede and Hamilton Township’s Department of Public Works through Hamilton’s Clean Communities Grant Program, asked students to design posters that promote the benefits of recycling.  The posters were transferred onto recycling cans that will be placed in Hamilton’s schools. 

“Recycling is a vital sustainability function that helps to keep our community, and environment, clean; and through this effort, we are not only passing along the importance of recycling to our future generations, but also allowing our students to promote recycling to their peers and throughout their school communities,” explains Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede.  I congratulate all of our contest winners and commend them for their creativity in promoting the virtues of recycling.”