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9/3/2015 - Hamilton Looks to Fill a ‘Desert’ When it Comes to One Revitalization Project


Hamilton Looks to Fill a ‘Desert’
When it Comes to One Revitalization Project

When it comes to vacant or under-utilized properties, most passers-by are concerned about the ‘eye soars’ they present.

But in some areas, there is another concern – a convenient access to healthy and affordable food.

A ‘food desert’ is a term used to define areas (urban or rural) that lack easy access to ‘fresh, healthy, and affordable food.’ 

According to the United States Departments of Agriculture, Treasury and Health and Human Services, it is a “census tract with a substantial share of residents who live in low-income areas that have low levels of access to a grocery store or healthy, affordable food retail outlet.” (Source:

In Hamilton Township, with several revitalization projects taking place all across the community, Mayor Kelly Yaede is excited that one – the Court at Hamilton project – which will breathe new life into the former Suburban Plaza site will be anchored by a Super Walmart that entails a grocery store component. 

This component will not just help fill a shopping center, but it will also help fill a ‘food desert’ that has existed in and around Hamilton’s Bromley neighborhood.

“Anytime we witness investment in the revitalization of a long-struggling commercial site, that it great for our local economy and our residents.  But when one can also fill a void by bringing convenient food access to portions or our township that previously lacked that type of access, that is a true benefit for our community,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede.

Residents and motorists traveling down Nottingham Way can see the visible progress of the site’s transformation, as construction equipment has already leveled a significant portion of former Suburban Plaza site.  And while the project may not complete until late next year, it yields a promising and bright horizon for a soon-to-be ridden ‘food dessert.’