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10/1/2015 - Hamilton Township Precautionary Information for Potential Hurricane Impact in Coming Days


Hamilton Township Precautionary Information for Potential Hurricane Impact in Coming Days 
Mayor Kelly Yaede and Hamilton Township’s Office of Emergency Management are asking residents to continue to monitor weather forecasts during the next several days regarding the possible impact from Hurricane Joaquin in our area and are urging residents to take time to review the following important list of 7 Preparedness Measures.   Thank you for taking the time to prepare:
1.     Continue to Monitor Changing Forecasts

The possible path of Hurricane Joaquin could change, and do so quickly.  Please continue to closely monitor weather forecasts throughout the coming days.


2.     Take Time to Prepare Before Storm Impact

It is important to review and take precautionary measures in advance of a storm’s onset.   
  • Family Preparedness: Hurricanes and Tropical Storms (Click Here)
  • What To Do Now, Before a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Strikes (Click Here)
  • What To Do When a Hurricane or Tropical Storm isApproaching (Click Here)
  • Your Kit / Your Plan - Be Ready: Follow The “Three Steps to Safety” (Click Here)
  • Resources and links For Individuals with Special Needs orAccess and Functional Needs (Click Here)
  • NJ Register Ready for Individuals with Special Needs (Click Here)
  • Resources and Links For Businesses in NJ (Click Here)
  • Generally speaking, Sheltering-in-Place (in your home) - not Evacuation - is the first step you should take during most emergencies (Click Here)
  • NJ Office of Emergency Management Social Media Links (Click Here)


3.     Public Service Electric & Gas Information  and Preparing for Power Outages

With any severe weather systems, downed utility wires, power outages and service interruption is a possibility.  The following information will be helpful for residents to review before the onset of a storm.
  • PSE&G Prepares For Hurricane Joaquin; Offers Storm Preparation Tips (Click Here)
  • Report a Power Outage and Receive Outage Updates (Click Here)
  • Register for PSEG’s MyAlerts ahead of time to receive text notifications about an outage (Click Here)


4.     Take Extra Precautions in Flood-Prone Areas
As we know from Hurricane Irene’s impact to our community, severe storms can cause severe flooding in flood-prone areas of our community. Please take extra precautions if you reside in a flood-prone area
  • Floods: What to do Before a Flood or Flash Flood (Click Here) 
  • Floods: What to do During a Flood or Flash Flood (Click Here)
5.     Hamilton Township Pre-Storm Efforts

The Hamilton Township Municipal Government is already taking several precautionary measures in advance of a possible impact from Hurricane Joaquin, which includes:
  • Preparedness efforts between Hamilton’s Office of Emergency Management and First Responders
  • Clearing Stormwater Drains to Help Minimize Flooding
  • Clearing brush from roadsides to prevent the blocking of roadways and damage due to wind
  • Preparedness for possible flooding issues
  • Preparedness for possible downed-power line issues


6.     Plan for Possible Post-Storm Issues

It is also very important to prepare for possible post-storm issues before the onset of a storm
  • Family Preparedness: AFTER a Hurricane (Click Here)
  • Refrigerated Food and Power Outages: When to Save and When to Throw Out (Click Here)


7.     Check Back for Further Efforts    

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