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4/14/2010 - Reassurance Program Protects Community’s Seniors and Residents

Hamilton’s Operation Reassurance Program Protects Community’s Seniors and Residents with Special Needs


(Hamilton) -- This week, Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo made special visits to the homes of some members of the community.  Greeting the residents with a flower, the Mayor chatted with them and checked to make sure everything was ‘OK’.  The visits were more than simply random stops in the Mayor’s busy schedule…they were part of a Hamilton Township Police Division program known as “Operation Reassurance”.


For Hamilton residents who live alone, and specifically intended to protect senior citizens or homebound citizens with special needs, “Operation Reassurance” is a program that participants call in to the Hamilton Township  Police Division every morning, between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM to verify that they are ‘OK’ and not in need of assistance.  If program participants do not call in to verify that they are fine, the Police Division attempts to contact them first by phone, and then by visiting the residents’ homes, to check on their well-being.


“Operation Reassurance is a wonderful program that seeks to protect the welfare of residents in our community who live alone, and often are senior citizens and residents with special needs who are homebound,” explains Mayor John Bencivengo.  “The program is one way that we try to look out for our neighbors who may require or are in need of extra-attention, to make sure they are not in need of assistance.  It truly is a special program that looks to protect public safety and protect those with special needs.”           


Currently over 40 Township residents participate in the program, which is open to all Township residents who reside alone.  While the Police Division administers “Operation Reassurance” during weekdays, approximately a dozen community volunteers participate on the weekends to help the program to continue.


Residents who are interesting in participating in the program can fill out and return an application that is available on the Hamilton Township website or by calling the Hamilton Township Police Division at (609) 581-4033.  Members of the community who would like to volunteer during the weekends can also contact the Police Division by phone for further information.


“I invite any resident who lives alone to sign-up for this great program,” says Mayor Bencivengo.   “Operation Reassurance protects our residents and allows us to have a safer community.”