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12/2/2015 - History to be Realized as US Supreme Court Justice Alito Swears-In Mayor Yaede at New Year’s Day Inaugural Ceremony in Hamilton

History to be Realized as US Supreme Court Justice Alito Swears-In
Mayor Yaede at New Year’s Day Inaugural Ceremony in Hamilton

Mayor Kelly Yaede’s recent election as the first female to a four year term as Mayor of Hamilton Township (Mercer County, NJ) was historic; and her inauguration ceremony this New Year’s Day will be just as historic.

That is because it will be the first time a United States Supreme Court Justice will administer the oath of office to a Mayor of Hamilton Township.

Hamilton-raised United States Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr., who graduated from Steinert High School in Hamilton Township, will return to his former hometown on New Year’s Day to administer the official oath of office to Mayor Kelly Yaede.

Yaede was overwhelmingly reelected to a full four-year term as Mayor of Hamilton Township, the state’s 9th most populous community. 

Yaede gained notoriety during her term in office for:

  • Removing the door to the Mayor’s Office after assuming the position of Mayor
  • Implementing the toughest ethics policy in the history of the township
  • Ending the practice of the Mayor receiving a new township vehicle every two years
  • Her leadership in response to health crises during the past year
  • Helping to achieve the community’s lowest crime rate since 1977
  • Stabilizing municipal taxes
  • Hosting “Networking with Mayor Yaede” meetings to have open discussions with the local business community        
  • Leading a rapid expansion of ratables and economic growth across the township 
  • Showing independence by fighting members of her own party to return Hamilton’s energy receipts
  • Bringing the CYO of Mercer to operate Hamilton’s Bromley Neighborhood Center
  • Implementing an aggressive social media outreach program with the Municipal Government and Hamilton’s Police Division to keep residents informed


“It was a historic moment for our community when Justice Alito – who was raised in Hamilton – was confirmed as a United States Supreme Court Justice.  In considering whom I would like to administer my oath of office, I thought of Justice Alito – someone who rose to the highest level of our judicial branch of government and who was a product of our local public schools,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede. “I am truly honored that he was kind enough to accept my invitation.  I believe it is an honor – not for my sake – but for our entire community that he agreed to do so.”

Mayor Yaede’s inaugural ceremony will take place on Friday, January 1, 2016 at 1 pm at Cedar Gardens located at 661 Route 33 in Hamilton Township, NJ.  Immediately following Justice Alito swearing in Mayor Yaede, Councilwoman Ileana Schirmer and Councilman-Elect Ralph Mastrangelo will take their respective oaths of office performed by other officiants. 

The ceremony is free for the public to attend; however RSVP’s are requested either via E-mail ( or by calling the Mayor’s Office at 609.890.3507.  Due to the expected attendance, seating may be limited.  Therefore it is recommended that those wishing to attend the ceremony arrive early.