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1/22/2016 - Winter Snow Preparedness Information from Hamilton Township (Friday, January 22)


Winter Snow Preparedness Information
from Hamilton Township (Friday, January 22)


Latest Forecast Information (Updated Friday Afternoon)

  • Latest forecasts now expect snow to:
  • Begin Friday evening (possibly by 8 pm – 9 pm)
  • Increasing Snow intensity after midnight/early Saturday morning
  • Snowfall continuing through early Sunday morning
  • National Weather Service’s forecast (Friday afternoon) indicates upwards of 19 inches of snow is likely for our area, now under a Blizzard Warning.
    • Confidence levels in forecasted totals are now increasing.  According to the National Weather Service (Friday afternoon), there is an:
      • 79% probability that snow accumulation will be above 8 inches
      • 63% probability that snow accumulation will be above 12 inches
      • 42% probability that snow accumulation will be above 18 inches
  • Friday evening, winds between 15 mph - 20 mph, with gusts up to 25 mph - 35 mph, are expected
  • During Saturday morning and evening, wind gusts up to 40 mph - 45 mph are expected


Township Service Cancellations

  • Saturday garbage collection is Canceled
  • Ecological Facility will be Closed on Saturday
  • Hamilton Township Public Library will be Closed on Saturday
  • Please check back regarding possible Monday service cancellations


Do NOT Travel During Snowfall

  • As snowfall intensity, wind gusts and snow accumulations increases, it will become more dangerous and ill-advised to travel
  • There will be the potential for downed/fallen power wires
  • Continue to monitor news outlets for possible State travel restriction
  • When motorists get stuck, emergency personnel and plowing crews must respond.  This creates unneeded safety issues and slows plowing efforts


Plowing Procedures

  • This is a significant storm.  As snow accumulation increases, the time it takes to plow roads increases
  • During snowfall, crews will continue to plow primary roads (225 lane miles), which must be kept open for emergency services
  • The plowing of neighborhood roads will not begin until after snowfall ends and until primary roads are clear.
    • For significant storms like this, it can take at least 36 hours after snowfall ends to the complete plowing of all neighborhood roads (over 400 lane miles)
    •  We ask for residents’ patience following the end of snowfall


Please Move Parked Automobiles Off the Road, if Possible

  • Please remove all automobiles off the road, if possible. 
  • Parking automobiles in driveways or on properties following snowfall helps our plowing crews. 
  • This voluntary effort helps crews complete plowing faster and remove more snow from our roads.
  • Please Note that some roads are emergency snow routes, which are posted with signs, and require automobiles to be moved.


Prepare for Possible Power Outages:

  • Report Power Outages or Downed Powerlines to PSE&G:
  • Prepare an emergency kit for possible power outages (from PSE&G): CLICK HERE


Wait Until After Your Road is Plowed to Shovel Your Driveway Apron & Sidewalks

  •  Unfortunately, with high snow accumulations, it is impractical to prevent high mounds of snow along road curbsides following plowing.
  •  It is best to wait until after your road is plowed to shovel your driveway apron and sidewalks
  • If possible, clearing nearby fire hydrants is helpful to our entire community and public safety   


Other Helpful Preparedness Tips


Further Updates