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1/23/2016 - Winter Storm Update from Hamilton Township - Saturday, January 23

Winter Storm Update from Hamilton Township
Saturday, January 23


Latest Weather Information (Saturday Evening)

  • Snow is expected to continue until 3 am – 4 am Sunday morning, although snow intensity should decrease this evening  
  • Final snow totals will be between 1 ½ to 2 feet of snow 
  • Sustained winds will remain between 20 mph - 25 mph, with gusts between 35 mph – 45 mph until after 10 pm this evening, when sustained winds and gusts should slightly decrease

Plowing Update

  • Crews are currently and continuously plowing primary roads (225 lane miles), which must be kept open for emergency services.  Crews must continue to do so until snowfall ends.
  • The plowing of neighborhood roads began at 6 PM this evening, with additional crews beginning at midnight.
    • Based on the significant level of snow, it will take at least 36 hours after snowfall ends to the complete plowing of all neighborhood roads (over 400 lane miles)
    • We ask for residents’ patience after the end of snowfall on Sunday
    • Please remember that our dedicated crews have been, and will continue, to plow as quickly and safely as possible, but the significant level of snow will require more time to plow than most typical storms that produces less snow
    • Once the plowing of neighborhood roads begins, residents can access the Snow Plow Sal application via HamiltonNJ./SnowPlowSal


    • After being plowed, asphalt will not be visible on neighborhood roads


If You Do NOT Need to Travel After Snowfall Ends, Please Consider Remaining Off the Road (Vehicles are Likely to Get Stuck on Unplowed Roads)  


Please Keep Parked Automobiles Off the Road, if Possible – Greatly Assists Plowing Crews


It is Best to Clear Driveway Aprons After Your Road is Plowed to Avoid Being Plowed Back In  


PSE&G Power Outage Reporting

    • Contact PSE&G - CLICK HERE
    • Call  1-800-436-PSEG (7734)

Other Reminders and Information

  • Prepare an emergency kit for possible power outages - CLICK HERE
  • Keep your mobile devices charged
  • Check flashlight and radio batteries
  • Food Safety during power outages - CLICK HERE
  • If possible, please try to clear approximately 3 feet around fire hydrants near your property
  • Please keep your pets inside and out of the snow
  • Avoid over-exertion when shoveling and work slowly - cold weather puts an extra strain on the heart 
  • Helpful Outdoor Safety Tips from CDC  – CLICK HERE
  • Frostbite and Hypothermia Information – CLICK HERE