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1/24/2016 - Sunday Morning Plowing Update


Sunday Morning Plowing Update

Since midnight, plowing crews have been working tirelessly to plow neighborhoods roads, as well as re-plowing some primary roads recovered due to overnight wind drifts.

The snow is a heavy and wet snow, which takes much longer (in most cases as much as double the normal expected time) to plow.   

Please remember that our plowing crews, some on their second or third shifts over the past few days, are working to plow our neighborhood roads as fast as possible given the severe conditions (nearly 2 feet of snow), while ensuring safety.

We ask residents to remain patient throughout the day as our dedicated crews work to clear our neighborhood roads.  Remain off the roads if you do not need to travel.  Keep parked cars in your driveway or on your property if possible.  Wait to clear your driveway apron after your road has been plowed; and do not shovel snow back into the street.   

At the time of this update, Township crews and private contractors are in 6 of 8 zones (A, B, C, E, F and G) and approximately 15 percent of neighborhood roads have been completed.  Plowing will continue around the clock, with a new shift of Township crews returning at Noon.  Crews are making every effort to complete plowing as soon as possible.  Snow Plow Sal is providing estimating plow times, accessible via