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1/25/2016 - Monday Noontime Plowing Update – January 25, 2016


Monday Noontime Plowing Update
January 25, 2016


Overnight Sunday through this (Monday) morning, Township crews and additional private contractors have been working non-stop to complete the remaining neighborhood roads that have not yet been plowed.  Another plowing shift began at Noon today, which afterwards will complete the plowing of every neighborhood road.

For Township crews, this represents their third or fourth deployment of 12-hour long work shifts since the beginning of Winter Storm Jonas.  Township crews have attempted to clear neighborhood roads as quickly as possible, while ensuring safety.  With 2 feet of snow - heavy and wet in consistency - this caused plowing to take much longer than normal, despite our crews’ best efforts. 

In some neighborhoods that were plowed late yesterday or early this morning, it also may have led to the inadvertent plowing-back-in of driveway aprons, which is an unintentional consequence of crews who are attempting to clear as much snow from our roads as possible for the safety of all our families and loved ones.  

Additionally, during the storm response, there were some technology-related issues with the Snow Plow Sal application, which was attempted to be corrected as plowing operations continued.  We apologize for the inconvenience these issues may have caused.                 

After midnight tonight, Township crews will subsequently begin to review and monitor areas where additional plowing may be needed, while preventing further instances of the inadvertent plowing-in of driveway aprons.      

With today’s rising temperatures, a benefit will be that remaining snow still packed onto the surface of neighborhood roads will begin to melt, which may in some cases begin to expose asphalt.  However, a consequence may be an uneven snowpack that may freeze once temperatures fall below freezing this evening.  Please continue to exercise caution when driving this evening and tomorrow.  

We thank residents again for their patience and understanding in responding to a storm that was clearly one of the most severe in recent years, in terms of snow accumulation and difficulty.  We also thank our crews for their continued efforts and commitment to public safety.