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12/2/2016 - Mayor Tells US Soccer Star She Supports ‘Equal Pay for Equal Play’


Mayor Tells US Soccer Star She Supports ‘Equal Pay for Equal Play’


When US women nation soccer star Carli Lloyd appeared at Care One at Hamilton Assisted Living yesterday, Hamilton’s Mayor – was happy to inform Lloyd of her support for an important cause.

Equal pay for equal play. 

Yaede, who sported a “ #equalplayequalpay ” pin when meeting the soccer star, wanted to let Lloyd know that Hamilton’s first female Mayor supported the cause.      

“They are Champions and the entire sport has realized great dividends from their sacrifices, determination and relentless dedication; why should the members of the US women national soccer team make less than their male counterparts,” asks Mayor Yaede. 

Earlier this year, Lloyd wrote an opinion piece featured by the New York Times that explained her views in part by the following. 

This isn’t about a money grab. It’s about doing the right thing, the fair thing. It’s about treating people the way they deserve to be treated, no matter their gender.


Data gathered and featured in several publications to highlight the pay difference between the  US Women and Men soccer teams has illustrated the females members making less than twenty percent of what their males counterparts made for making their respective World Cup rosters, as well as lagging in other “bonus” areas.  Additionally, in terms of profitability, projected revenues have illustrated the profitability of the women’s team versus the men’s team, which was projected to run a deficit.


Within Hamilton, there are 66 girls soccer recreation teams with 876 total players.  Additionally, there are 23 girls soccer travel teams, with 433 total players.

“This disparity sends the wrong message to females, and particularly young girls; and I hope we see this inequity change in the very near future,” says Mayor Yaede.