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5/21/2010 - Road Improvements Continue in Hamilton Township

Road Improvements Continue in Hamilton Township

(Hamilton) – Hamilton residents may have noticed a number of different road construction projects taking place across the community during the recent weeks.  Whether it is the completion of intersection improvements to the heavily traveled intersection of Kuser Road and Yardville-Hamilton Square Road, the reconstruction of roads like Sharps Lane, or the remilling of portions of streets like Applegate Drive, these and similar projects are all part of Hamilton Township’s long term plans of improving road conditions all across the community.

“While we have worked very hard to reduce our operational expenses in other areas due to the State reductions to our municipal revenue, we have maintained our commitment to making essential road improvements for the benefit of our entire community,” says Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo.  “Throughout the rest of this year, we will make repairs or completely reconstruct roads in neighborhoods all across our township, so that Hamilton residents can enjoy better roads and our high quality of life.”

All or portions of some 25 roads are scheduled to be reconstructed before the end of 2010 as part of Hamilton’s Capital Budget for road repairs.  Geographically dispersed in neighborhoods all across the Township, the roads include:

·         Whitehorse (Exton Avenue, Rotunda Drive, Sharps Lane, Godfrey Drive and Wolf Drive)

·         Lalor Tract-Broad Street Park (Reeger Avenue)

·         Lakeside Manor-Gropps Lake area (Tartear Drive and Yorkshire Road

·         Yardville (Edgemont Road, Fenway Road, Manor Boulevard and Pilgrim Way)

·         Hamilton Square (Connor Court, Kuser Road (between Klockner and Yardville-Hamilton Square Road) and Sun Valley Road)

·         Mercerville (Wesleyan Drive, Kino Boulevard, Stamford Road, and Macon Drive)

·         Bromley (Sculptors Way)

·         Central Hamilton (Klockner Road between Hamilton Avenue and Whitehorse-Mercerville Road )

·         Langtree neighborhood (Shady Lane and Gary Drive)

·         South Olden-Arena Drive area (Grady Road)

·         North Crosswicks-Allentown area (Tattletown Road)   


Additionally, the Township will be undertaking paving projects with in-house Township Road Division personnel this year.  These projects are an efficient use of resources because they allow the Township to repair smaller roads or portions of roads that do not require the larger equipment of outside contractors.  In addition, these projects are useful when only portions of a road, rather than the entire road, need to be repaved.  Throughout the end of 2010, the Township plans to remill or repave portions of 15 additional roads including:


·         Deutzville (South Street and Gibbs Avenue)

·         Bromley (Norway Avenue, Tipton Street and Adella Avenue)

·         Hamilton Square (Applegate Drive)

·         Hamilton Lakes area (Potter Avenue and Nebraska Avenue)

·         Central Hamilton (Grant Court)

·         Yardville (Highland Avenue)

·         White City-Forrest Valley neighborhood (William Street)

·         Mercerville (Hollyhock Way)

·         South Olden area (Newkirk Avenue and Liberty Street)

·         Route 130/Robbinsville are (South Gold Drive)


Additionally, Hamilton still plans to begin resurfacing of the remaining portions of Hughes Drive later this year with a Transportation Trust Fund grant secured in late 2009.


With approximately 625 lane miles of roads that the Township is responsible for maintaining, Hamilton officials continually reevaluate road conditions to determine the roads that require more-immediate attention. 

Residents can get the latest updates on construction time-frames by visiting the Hamilton Township website ( and selecting the “Traffic Alert Tina” section.  Residents are also encouraged to continue reported potholes through the “Pothole Pete” reporting system.



Photograph:  In the attached photograph, construction crews work on the reconstruction of Sharps Lane in the Whitehorse section of Hamilton Township