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1/31/2017 - Hamilton Receives 12th Largest Recycling Grant in State


Hamilton Receives 12th Largest Recycling Grant in State

Hamilton Township, NJ takes recycling seriously.

So it came as no surprise when the town received the 12th largest recycling grant in the state thanks to its recycling efforts.

Recently, Hamilton received a $137,687 grant from the State of New Jersey based off of the community’s recycling performance in 2014.

“Thanks to this grant, not only are we able to continue great services and programs that promote greater recycling participation and benefit our sustainability efforts, but we can also do so without a need for additional funds from our Municipal Budget,” explains Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “It truly is a win-win for our residents and our environment.” 

Hamilton has used past funding through this grant program to help continue its many efforts to promote recycling and help remove materials from its solid waste stream. 

Funds through the grant program have previously helped purchase equipment used at Hamilton’s Ecological Facility, such as equipment that helps to recycle leaves to produce compost for residents.  Hamilton’s facility has proven to be so successful that the Municipal Government provides shared services through the site with the Hamilton Public School District (a separate government from the Municipal Government), Mercer County’s Department of Transportation & Infrastructure and Mercer County Parks, as well as the Borough of Fieldsboro, Chesterfield, Robbinsville and West Windsor Township.  Residents can learn more about the facility at

Grant funds also fund Hamilton’s annual Paper Shredding events, which are offered at no cost to the hundreds of residents who utilize the service each year.  In 2016, these shredding events served 1,300 residents and collected 20.02 tons of materials.

Another use of Hamilton’s grant is the promotion of the community’s helpful ‘How to I Get Rid of It Guide’ which helps to educate residents on how they can properly recycle or dispose of a variety of household items and provides information about the town’s Ecological Facility.  Each year, Hamilton distributes the guide through its Township Calendar.  This year, Hamilton also included information for the Mercer County Improvement Authority, which conducts curbside recycling in Hamilton through a shared service, as well as helpful recycling reminders to encourage proper recycling and the avoidance of common recycling errors (such as the placement of plastic bags, plastic bottles that cannot be recycled, and other non-accepted items). Residents can view this guide online at