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3/21/2017 - TRAFFIC NOTICE – Emergency Bridge Closure - North Olden Avenue Bridge (#140.11) over Assunpink Creek

The following information is in regards to an emergency bridge closure conducted by Mercer County Government, which will impact Hamilton Township. 

Emergency Bridge Closure - North Olden Avenue Bridge (#140.11) over Assunpink Creek

Due to the need to make emergency repairs to Mercer County Bridge #140.11, North Olden Avenue over Assunpink Creek, please be advised that North Olden Avenue between Clinton Avenue and East State Street will be closed to traffic on a 24/7 basis commencing Monday, April 3, 2017. The project duration will be approximately ninety (90) days, weather permitting. Local traffic will be permitted on North Olden Avenue up to the point of the closure. However, due to the nature of the repairs, no traffic will be able to traverse the bridge.

A detour will be posted directing motorists to use North Clinton Avenue, Nottingham Way and East State Street. Due to the vertical height restriction on Nottingham Way, a separate detour route will be posted directing trucks over 12'-6" to use New York Avenue; Mulberry Street; Enterprise Avenue; Whitehead Road and East State Street. Trucks traveling on North Clinton Avenue approaching Nottingham Way with a clearance over 12'6" will be directed to Enterprise Avenue. 

Mercer County staff will post signs in advance of the closures.  Please also view the detour link courtesy of the Mercer County website - Click Here to View