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3/24/2017 - Hamilton Council Creates New Subcommittees in Effort to Create New Fire System


Hamilton Council Creates New Subcommittees in Effort to Create New Fire System

In order to ensure Hamilton’s future fire service system – whatever form the final system takes – is efficient and keeps residents and firefighters safe, the Hamilton Township Council has created two new subcommittees and will be seeking independent experts for assistance.

New Subcommittees

This week at a public meeting on fire district dissolution, the Township Council announced their intention to create subcommittees on Facilities and Response Times.

Council President Dennis Pone, named new Councilwoman Dina Thornton and Councilwoman Ileana Schirmer to head the Facilities Subcommittee, on which Hamilton’s Emergency Management Coordinator and Director of Public Works, David Carothers will also serve.

Councilmen David Kenny and Ralph Mastrangelo will head the Response Times Subcommittee.

The Township Council has also asked Hamilton’s firefighters and commissioners to submit names for representation on the two subcommittees

Additionally, the Council will be seeking two, independent experts to serve on each subcommittee to ensure that Hamilton’s final plan is feasible and can garner the necessary approval of State officials.

Long Enough to Get the Job Done Right

Earlier this month at her State of the Township Address, Mayor Kelly Yaede – who secured a State Study at no cost to Hamilton taxpayers that likely saved the community upwards $100,000 in costs – explained that the process to dissolve Hamilton’s existing fire districts and to create a new system was a “monumental task” and, despite the misconception, cannot be done as quickly as someone can ‘snap their fingers’ if desired to be done responsibly.  That is because several decisions surrounding personnel, equipment and facilities must be thoroughly vetted for public safety purposes. 

“All of us – all stakeholders - have the same goal: making sure we have thorough and efficient fire system that’s equally positive for the employees and for the taxpayers of Hamilton Township,” said Yaede during her State of the Township Address.


Mayor Yaede and the Township Council want this process to be open, transparent and accessible.  That is why Hamilton is using a special website to provide information that residents can easily access via their computer or smart phone.

On the website Hamiltonians will not only find information about their current fire district, but can also access videos of the public meetings on consolidation, as well as read the State Study and a rebuttal by the Active Fire Chiefs. 

“Every hardworking taxpayer, every courageous firefighter and every, single member of our community holds an important stake in the decisions that we will make regarding our new fire system; and I take the responsibility of helping to make this important decision very seriously,” says Council President Dennis Pone. “We are going to great lengths to provide a transparent process that will help to keep our entire community, informed every step of the way.”