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5/16/2017 - Hamilton’s Neighborhood Improvement Program Starts Up Again for 2017; White Horse Neighborhood is First Area for this Year’s Efforts

Hamilton’s Neighborhood Improvement Program Starts Up Again for 2017

White Horse Neighborhood is First Area for this Year’s Efforts

As part of Mayor Kelly Yaede’s efforts to maintain Hamilton’s high quality of life, the community’s ‘Neighborhood Improvement Program’ is set to begin again for 2017.

The effort is a proactive and cooperative way for officials to work with residents, identify various issues that impact citizens’ safety or quality of life and to ultimately keep Hamilton looking its best. 

Later this month, the program will begin in a portion of the White Horse neighborhood (boundaries of Whitehorse Avenue, South Broad Street, Phillips Avenue and Gropp Avenue).  As the program continues, different neighborhoods will be randomly selected and will be publicly announced.

“Our goal is to maintain our community’s high quality of life and ensure that we are protecting the safety of our citizens,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “We are publicly announcing each neighborhood so residents can proactively correct any issues that may be present.”

Some common problems that the program seeks to correct are housing safety issues (needed roof, window or structural issues), as well as zoning and health-related violations (vehicles parked on the grass, abandoned or unregistered vehicles, junk, rubbish and debris on properties or high grass).

First notices for violations that are addressed through this program provide residents with an opportunity to correct the items within certain periods of time.  Officials later revisit properties to confirm that the problems have been corrected.  

Last year, approximately 69 percent of problems were corrected by residents following first notices, with the majority of outstanding matters dealing with structural issues that often take a longer period of time to correct.

Residents who meet certain federal income criteria may be eligible for assistance in correcting certain issues thanks to Hamilton’s Housing Rehabilitation Program.  To find out more on that program, residents can visit or call 609.890.3675.

Hamilton’s Neighborhood Improvement Program is a collaborative effort with officials from Hamilton’s Health Division, Housing and Code Enforcement Division, Hamilton’s Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office and the Hamilton Township Police Division Community Policing Unit.