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7/27/2017 - Hamilton Residents Save Over $500,000 During First Four Months of Energy Program

Hamilton Residents Save Over $500,000
During First Four Months of Energy Program

Hamilton residents already have over half a million reasons to be thankful for their town’s community energy aggregation program.

That’s because during the program’s first four months (March through June 2017 billing period), participating residents have saved over $500,000 in aggregate on their electricity costs according to calculations by the town’s energy consultants, Gabel Associates.

“The reason our town pursued this program was to offer our residents an opportunity to save as much as possible through lower electric costs; and we are pleased to report that the residents who chose to participate have already saved over half a million dollars in total thus far,” explains Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede.   “We realize that every dollar saved is important for our hardworking families and our seniors who may be living on fixed incomes.” 

Under the program, which is regulated by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, participating residents enjoy an electricity supply provided by South Jersey Energy that is less expensive than the electricity that is currently supplied by Public Service Electric & Gas (the local utility) to residents.  Also through Hamilton’s program, Public Service Electric & Gas (as the local utility) still provides the delivery of the lower-cost electricity to participating residents, still provides power restoration services (in response to outages) and still sends utility bills to participating residents.  Budget billing is also still available to participants.

Residents who may want to participate through the remainder of the program (which will end in December of 2018) can join by calling South Jersey Energy toll-free at 1-888-650-4465 (enrollment may take between 20-50 days to complete, depending on residents’ PSE&G billing cycles).  As a reminder, Hamilton’s program does not involve any door-to-door solicitations and does not use telemarketing phone calls.  Also, residents that already have a third-party provider for electricity should – before making a decision – carefully review their current contracts to determine in their current provider would assess a termination fee for breaking their contracts early.  Additionally, due to the likelihood that most solar systems provide necessary energy requirements for homes using such systems, it may not be advantageous for residents with home solar systems to participate in the community energy aggregation program.   

Finally, the website provides interested residents with information, a Frequently Asked Questions Guide and even videos from past information sessions that were held prior to the start of Hamilton’s program.