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8/15/2017 - Update on Trenton Water Works Lead Issue

Update on Trenton Water Works Lead Issue

Since last evening’s update, Hamilton Township has received further, revised information regarding the tests that required the recent Trenton Water Works letter.

Across Trenton Water Works entire service area, which includes the entire City of Trenton, as well as portions of Hamilton, Ewing, Lawrence and Hopewell Townships, a total of 184 locations were sampled that were considered to be “high risk” areas due to lead-based intakes (i.e. piping and fixtures within properties or household plumbing).  It is possible for lead-based piping and other household plumbing fixtures that exist inside of a property to be a contributing factor for the presence of lead in drinking water.

Property owners also voluntarily participated and provided samples from their individual water output points themselves.    

While 119 locations across the entire service level detected some level of lead, it is important to note that not all of these levels exceeded recommended levels for lead in drinking water.

Specifically for Hamilton Township, 63 sites in total were sampled.  While 32 of these 63 sites in Hamilton Township detected some level of lead, only 4 of these 63 properties detected lead levels that exceeded drinking water standards.    

Additionally, 31 of the 63 sites in Hamilton Township detected zero presence of lead in water samples.

Based upon the sample results that required letters be sent to all customers across their entire service area, Trenton Water Works must now test further to see if the utility is the source of lead found in these samples. 

Additionally, in 6 months, Trenton Water Works will sample locations again.  At that time, based upon the results, it may be possible for another letter to be sent to all Trenton Water Works Customers.

For Aqua NJ Customers

We have become aware that some Aqua NJ customers inadvertently received this same notice from Trenton Water Works; however, Aqua NJ customers were not affected by this issue (as Aqua NJ was not required to send out this type of notice).

Steps to Reduce Exposure to Lead in Drinking Water

The letter from Trenton Water Works outlines several ways in which residents can reduce their exposure to lead in drinking water.

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection recommends the following:

·        Flush your pipes before drinking, and only use cold water for cooking and drinking

·        Anytime the water in a particular faucet has not been used for six hours or longer, flush your cold-water pipes by running the water until it becomes cold

Residents can also visit the following sites for more information: