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10/23/2017 - Media Report Recognizes Hamilton as Having Lowest Property Tax Burden in Mercer County


Media Report Recognizes Hamilton as Having
Lowest Property Tax Burden in Mercer County

If you want to enjoy the lowest property tax burden in Mercer County, Hamilton Township is where you want to be.

A recent NJ Advance Media report compared towns across New Jersey by computing average property taxes to median household incomes.

The comparison then looked to designate the town in each of New Jersey’s 21 counties where “property taxes hurt the least.”

In Mercer County, Hamilton Township was found to have the lowest property tax burden – as its average property tax bill $5,789 amounted to 8.2 percent of the community’s median household income.  The next closest towns had a 3.66 percent higher property tax burden than Hamilton (at 8.5 percent for Ewing and West Windsor).

“The hardworking taxpayers of Hamilton Township are the true winners in this comparison,” says Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “We are continuously working to keep taxes as low as possible; and this comparison shows that no town in Mercer County does a better job at it than Hamilton Township.”

But Hamilton officials also note that they are delivering true value when it comes to the town’s financial management of local tax dollars.

“We held the line on taxes in this year’s Municipal Budget, but we also saw our credit rating reaffirmed by Standard and Poor’s Rating Services thanks to what it cited as our good financial policies, strong budgetary performance and stable operating performance,” explains Council President Dennis Pone.  “It is another indication from an independent source that we are continuing to be good stewards of our residents’ hard-earned tax dollars.”

Additionally, Hamilton funded 24 road repaving projects in its current budget and needed park system improvements, while also keeping the community’s debt at a relatively low rate  (as the Municipal Government’s debt is over 61 percent below the total amount that State Law allows for the community).

“The decisions that we make today impact our families, as well as our future generations,” says Councilwoman Dina Thornton. “Delivering low taxes, while still maintaining our community’s high quality of life is an important balance that we are working towards every, single day.”