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7/30/2010 - Hamilton Township and the Hamilton Partnership to Meet with Businesses to Discuss Future of Route 33

Hamilton Township and the Hamilton Partnership to Meet with Businesses to Discuss Future of Route 33


20/20 Symposium Seeks Input from Route 33 Businesses to ensure that Hamilton’s Master Plan preserves Economic Opportunities along the Corridor



(Hamilton) – “It is a major gateway to our community,” Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo describes of Hamilton’s Route 33 business corridor, stretching from the town’s border with the City of Trenton to its boundary with neighboring Robbinsville Township.  “As part of our Master Plan Update, it is important that we focus on the Route 33 business corridor to ensure that we continue to expand economic opportunities for our local businesses, promote an environment that will lead to more job opportunities for our residents and enhance the quality of life for both residents and visitors who travel to the highway’s many destinations on a daily basis.” 


On Friday, August 6th, beginning at 8:00 AM at Cedar Gardens (located at 661 Route 33 in Hamilton), the Township and the Hamilton Partnership will host the first in a series of meetings with Route 33 businesses to engage their participating in the town’s Master Plan Update, encourage their suggestions and feedback and listen to business owners’ recommendations on the types of land uses that should guide future development along the highway.  The initiative, known as 20/20 Symposium, hopes to ensure a prosperous and vibrant economic future for the Route 33 business corridor.  


“Route 33 is an important area for commerce and economic activity in Hamilton Township,” says Hamilton Partnership Executive Director and former Hamilton Township Mayor, Jack Rafferty.  “The future vitality of our local economy depends upon on the preservation and continued economic progress of this corridor.  That is why the Hamilton Partnership wanted to work collaboratively with the government to focus upon Route 33 and ensure that its businesses are fully engaged in the township’s Master Plan Update process.”


As part of the 20/20 Symposium, Township officials, its Planning Consultant -- the firm of Clarke Caton Hintz, and members of the Hamilton Partnership will look at the entire Route 33 corridor in sections based upon their unique, individual characteristics.   Together with local business owners and representatives, the 20/20 Symposium hopes to generate constructive ideas that will lead to a bright future for Route 33 and all of Hamilton’s residents.


Although the 20/20 Symposium is designed and tailored for business owners and representatives along Route 33, it is only one part of Township’s comprehensive plan to encourage the participation of all property owners and residents across the entire community in Hamilton’s Master Plan Update.  Residents and property owners will have several more opportunities to provide comments and suggestions on the Master Plan through both additional public meetings and the Township’s Master Plan website (  Following the symposium, the next public meeting to discuss the Master Plan Update will be held by the Hamilton Township Planning Board at its September 30th meeting, beginning at 7:30 P.M. at the Township Municipal Building (located at 2090 Greenwood Avenue).  


Hamilton’s Master Plan Update will be the community’s first township-wide Master Plan review in over 20 years!  The Township’s Master Plan sets forth how the Township should develop and redevelop in future years, making recommendations on all aspects of Township planning including land use (such as permitted uses and zoning districts), transportation (such as roads, sidewalks and bike routes), open space, the environment, economic development and overall neighborhood improvement.

“I want to encourage all of our residents to take an active role in our Master Plan Update,” explains Mayor Bencivengo.  “Together, we can work to ensure that Hamilton Township continues to move in the right direction, preserving our community’s high quality of life for future generations.”