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2/5/2018 - Hamilton’s Emergency Alert System Now Lets Residents Create Accounts With Their Social Media, Gmail Credentials For Easier Access

Hamilton’s Emergency Alert System Now Lets Residents Create Accounts With Their Social Media, Gmail Credentials For Easier Access


Remembering all your passwords is a hassle; so Hamilton’s Emergency Alert System is making it easier for residents to access their accounts through their own social media and Gmail credentials.

Hamilton’s system, CodeRED, allows the Municipal Government to alert residents in emergency situations – such as for hurricanes, winter snow storms or other urgent incidents -- with recorded messages that are sent to residents’ phones or e-mails.  The service is free for residents and Hamilton businesses.  All Hamilton Township “land-based” home and business phone numbers are already included in the system (unless removed by the owner). 

In the past, Mayor Kelly Yaede and Hamilton’s Office of Emergency Management urged residents to consider adding up to two (2) other phone numbers (such as a mobile phone or remote work phone number) and one (1) E-mail address to the system database in order to get emergency messages.  Residents can also opt to receive text messages (standard data charges apply for this feature).

The New Feature

Now with the new feature – known as a ‘single sign on’ feature – residents can create a new CodeRED account that allows residents access through their Facebook, Twitter or Gmail credentials.  CodeRED is able to offer this convenient feature because these trusted partners maintain higher level of security of information.  CodeRED will not have access to residents’ information through these additional platforms.

“This new feature is trying to make it easier for residents to be able to access our emergency alert system without having to remember another password,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “Being prepared is always the best way to keep yourself, and your loved ones, safe during and following any emergency.  I want to encourage residents to learn more about our CodeRED system so that together we can keep our community even safer.”      

The new feature only affects new registrations (i.e. accounts); and existing accounts in the system will not be impacted.  Residents can easily access CodeRED through Hamilton’s Emergency Management webpage – – and selecting the top link (“Hamilton CODE RED Emergency Notification System”).  Also, a guide with answers to frequently asked questions about the new feature will be available on Hamilton’s Emergency Management webpage or via

Any current user can re-register under their Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account by contacting the CodeRED client support team Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm by calling (866) 939-0911 and deleting their existing CodeRED account.

Smart Phone App 

Residents can also download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app from their AppStore.  Residents will need to register with an e-mail and a password to utilize the app.