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2/8/2018 - Hamilton Wants You to Help ‘Share’ Safety Tips with New Social Media Public Safety Service Announcements

Hamilton Wants You to Help ‘Share’ Safety Tips with
New Social Media Public Safety Service Announcements

Before the advent of social media, neighborhood watch meetings were the primary means of sharing public safety tips to help prevent law-abiding citizens from falling victim to ‘crimes of opportunity’.  But with today’s social media platforms, those tips are simply a Facebook ‘share’ away.

Mayor Kelly Yaede, who also serves as Hamilton’s Public Safety Director, has announced a new social media effort that will use videos and other visual tools in a series of Public Safety Service Announcements.

Beginning with a video that will remind residents why they should never leave their cars running - with the keys inside – unlocked and unattended, Mayor Yaede hopes residents will realize just how quickly a criminal can access and drive off with an idling and unoccupied vehicle.

Mayor Yaede has called for the new social media program to focus heavily on preventing ‘crimes of opportunity’ – non-violent crimes where residents can protect themselves by following simple safety tips.   Hamilton hopes the new social media program will help reach a growing number of residents on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Other topics that the program plans to cover include how residents can protect themselves against home burglaries, prevent the theft of valuables and avoid falling victim to certain types of scams.

 “This will be a convenient way for us to share public safety and crime prevention tips that can reach thousands of residents at a time thanks to social media,” says Mayor Yaede, who sees the new effort as a complement to the community’s existing neighborhood watch meetings and its Virtual Neighborhood Watch website ( ).  “The reality is that criminals look for easy targets when trying to commit crimes; and these public safety service announcements will help prevent more of our law-abiding citizens from becoming easy targets in criminals’ eyes.” 

Residents can view these public safety service announcements on the Hamilton Township Police Division’s social media:

  • Twitter: @Hamilton_Police
  • Instagram: @HamiltonPoliceDivision

Residents will also be able to view the videos and posts through the Hamilton Township Municipal Government’s social media channels:

  • Twitter: @HamiltonTwpNJ
  • Instagram: @HamiltonTwpNJ

The public safety tips will also be featured in Hamilton’s free E-mail Newsletters, which residents can sign up to receive at: