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3/6/2018 - Winter Storm Advisory for March 6-7, 2018

Winter Storm Advisory for March 6-7, 2018

Severe Weather Conditions

  • The latest forecasts expect the oncoming winter storm (Nor’easter) to begin to impact our area beginning Tuesday evening, March 6th (possibly beginning as rain before turning into snow overnight) and continuing throughout Wednesday, March 7th
  • Snowfall is expected to become heavy during the day on Wednesday, March 7th ; and although forecasts differ, between 8 inches to 12 inches of snow is possible. However, even slight movements of the storm’s path could alter snowfall accumulation totals.
  • Snow is expected to be wet in consistency and heavy (which is more difficult to plow/shovel).
  • Winds during the day on Wednesday are expected to be between 15 mph – 20 mph, with gusts of 25 mph possible.This means that snow is likely to drift or blow in the wind.
  • Mayor Kelly Yaede, Hamilton’s Office of Emergency Management and Department of Public Works will continue to monitor this storm.Residents should exercise extreme caution and continue to regularly monitor forecast updates.


Travel May Become Dangerous and Ill-Advised During Snowfall

  • At the time of this notice, the State of New Jersey has proactively declared a State of Emergency (although there has NOT yet been a decision on State Government building closings or travel restrictions/ban at this time).
  • During this storm, travel may become dangerous and ill-advised.With anticipated accumulations of snow, many automobiles would become stuck in unplowed roadways. Such incidents cause strain on emergency management resources and plows.Please remain off roadways until plowing is complete.


Plowing of Neighborhood Roads/Voluntarily Remove Automobiles from the Road

  • The amount of snow anticipated from this storm will likely lead to the plowing of secondary roads.
  • Should forecasts come to fruition, residents are asked to voluntarily remove their vehicles from roads/curbsides until AFTER plowing is complete.
  • In an attempt to lessen the amount of snow that would likely be plowed across driveway aprons, see the following link: CLICK HERE 
  • Plows will attempt to clear neighborhoods roads as much as possible; however, with higher snow accumulations, sidewalk areas (especially if residents shovel sidewalk areas before their road is plowed) may unfortunately be impacted.
  • If residents are able to safely do so, voluntarily shoveling out fire hydrants along properties is helpful for public safety and emergency response operations.


Further Updates