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9/9/2010 - Hamilton to kick off Mayor’s Wellness Campaign

Hamilton to kick off Mayor’s Wellness Campaign

Can Hamilton Township residents lose 100,000 pounds in a year? Mayor John Bencivengo thinks so.

On Sunday, as part of the annual Septemberfest Community Day at Veterans Park, Mayor Bencivengo will kick off the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign, an extensive yearlong effort to help residents shape up and live healthier. 

 “Health and wellness is such an important factor in our daily lives,’’ Bencivengo said. “By starting this new program, I want to provide residents with a new opportunity in which they can improve their own health and the collective wellness of our entire community.”

Residents who attend Sunday’s SeptemberFest, the annual celebration that includes music, food, information and entertainment, also will be able to visit the Mayor’s Wellness Village located off the Kuser Road entrance to the park.

Cooperating in this new program in Mercer County are Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton, Capital Health, St. Francis Medical Center, the Hamilton Area YMCA, the Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton Center for Health & Wellness,  Champion Fitness Center, and the Hamilton Township Division of Health, all of whom will be on hand in the Mayor’s Wellness Village to provide health screenings, blood pressure readings, body mass checkups, sleep assessments and workout classes, including Boogie Box at 11 AM, Zumba at Noon and Yoga at 1 PM.  


In addition residents will be able to sign up for the free weight lose program and follow the progress on a new, secure website - . The program is also open to non-township residents.

Residents who sign up at the Mayor’s Wellness Village will receive information and free giveaways provided by the township Division of Health as well as the participating organizations. There, residents will be officially weighed in and registered into the website by township health officials.  Then during the year residents can visit the secure website to track their individual weight loss privately and observe how their personal success contributes to the community reaching its 100,000-pound weight-loss goal. 

Even the mayor will be involved. “I look forward to participating in several of our campaign’s programs and activities and will even be setting my own personal weight loss goals that I will be working to achieve,’’ Bencivengo said.

The wellness campaign will continue throughout the year and include a number of health and wellness-related events provided by participating community health organizations that residents can take part in as well as other initiatives, such as a series of walks that Bencivengo will organize in the coming weeks.

The campaign will also urge township employees to participate as a way to reduce township medical costs and improve overall health.

“I urge any Hamiltonian who may be looking for the opportunity, or even the extra motivation, to begin their own journey to a healthier life to join us in our wellness campaign,’’ Bencivengo said. “Together, we can increase our health and our entire community’s quality of life.''