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1/21/2011 - Hamilton Township Makes Upgrades to Its Emergency Notification and Public Advisory System

Residents Can Now Add Cellular or Work Phone Numbers, As well asE-mail Addresses, to the Township’s Notification List  

(Hamilton) -- When an emergency happens, communication to residents is a top priority of Mayor John Bencivengo and Hamilton Township’s Office of Emergency Management.


This fall, when many Hamilton residents received precautionary phone calls related to Trenton Water Works water quality issues, the Township’s new emergency notification and public advisory system was first put to work.  Similarly, when residents received phone calls advising them on when the Township’s curbside leaf recycling collection program would be servicing their neighborhood, the system was also used.


Recently, Hamilton Township upgraded its Emergency Notification and Public Announcement system so residents can receive important notices on additional phone lines, such as cellular or work phones, and through E-mail accounts. 


Previously, Hamilton’s notification system only reached land lines, which included home and business phone numbers across the community.  But with the new system upgrade, residents and property owners can visit Hamilton Township’s website ( and add up to two (2) additional phone numbers (home phone numbers are already included in the new program and do NOT need to be entered) and one (1) E-mail address. 


On the Township homepage, under an icon link entitled “Sign Up for Hamilton Township’s Emergency Notification and Public Announcement system”, residents can update any information they desire for inclusion in the program.  Residents will be required to provide their first and last name, their street address, city, county, state and zip code, as well as the additional phone number or e-mail address.


If residents do not have access to personal computer, they may either use a computer available at the Hamilton Township Public Library (located at 1 Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. Way) or contact the HamStat Call Center at (609) 586-0311 and have a call taker enter the information.


All collected information will be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of official Township updates during emergency situations or important public advisories.


While residents and property owners will enjoy additional notification options with the enhanced system, the effort has actually been part of a Township cost-savings measure.  Prior to the installation of the new system, the previous and outdated system would have minimally cost $60,000 to update, in addition to at least $10,000 in annual maintenance costs and additional usage and line costs for each call made.  Moreover, the older system only provided minimal line access – equating to a substantially longer period of time for a community-wide notices to reach every resident and business.


But with the new system, annual costs and automatic updates will amount to approximately $20,000 annually and not require system any additional update costs or additional usage and line costs per each call.  The system also can make more phone calls in a shorter period of time – reducing the time it takes to reach the entire community during an emergency situation.    


 “Any time we can improve our communication with the public through emergency notifications or important public advisories while simultaneously saving taxpayer dollars, that is a win-win situation for our entire community,” explains Mayor John Bencivengo.  “I hope residents will take advantage of this new opportunity to provide us with the additional phone lines or E-mail address in which they desire to be contacted through our notification system.”