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1/25/2011 - Mayor Introduces New Budget That Will Keep Municipal Taxes Flat For 4th Consecutive Budget


Mayor John Bencivengo Introduces New Budget That Will Keep

Hamilton Municipal Taxes Flat For 4th Consecutive Budget


Local Services Continue and Needed Road and Sewer Upgrades to Take Place While Township Reduces Spending and Size of Government 



There they go again…even during these difficult economic times when governments around the state and country have seen revenues decrease and taxes increase, Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo has presented the Township Council with his proposed 2011 budget, which will NOT raise municipal taxes – for the 4th consecutive budget.

The Mayor’s announcement and budget presentation was made at a special meeting of the Hamilton Township Council, which took place this evening. 

The proposed budget calls for an overall spending reduction of $100,000, year over year, and maintains a leaner and more efficient government.  From the time Mayor Bencivengo has taken office to date, the Township government will be operating with 54 fewer full-time employees and 33 fewer part-time employees.


“These have been tough times,” explained Mayor Bencivengo is his budget address.  “The economy has not cooperated with us, our ratable base has not grown, our non-tax revenues have declined and the State has reduced our Aid.  Through it all, I recognized that we could not place an additional burden on our already overburdened taxpayers.  That is why I am pleased to report that the Budget I am presenting this evening will not raise municipal taxes for 2011.” 

In addition to no township tax increase, services will be maintained and needed road repairs and sewer upgrades will take place through the new budget.  Hamilton’s Capital Budget for Road Repairs will include the reconstruction of 18 local roads (which require more extensive repairs to be done by private contractors who possess the necessary equipment).  In addition, portions of 17 more roads will be repaved “in-house” by Hamilton’s Road Division (as these projects can either be completed more cost-effectively with Township equipment or that will repair deteriorating sections of roads without the unnecessary costs of having to reconstruct an entire road at greater expense).  In the coming year, Hamilton will also undertake needed sewer system projects of indentified areas of the system that are in critical need of repair.  This proactive approach will prevent the need for emergency repairs (i.e. the collapse of lines) which are more expensive and costly to taxpayers.