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7/13/2009 - Mayor’s Plans for HamStat and Call Center Move Closer to Reality

Mayor’s Plans for HamStat and Call Center Move Closer to Reality


Mayor Bencivengo Announces Location, Supervisor of Call Center and Newly Redesigned Township Website to Better Serve Residents



Hamilton Township Mayor John F. Bencivengo’s plan to implement a government accountability program known as “HamStat” and a “one stop” Call Center to handle citizen service requests by phone moved one step closer to becoming a reality today as the Mayor announced the location and supervisor of the Call Center.


“‘HamStat’ and our Call Center are all about providing quality service to our residents, and ultimately, focused on identifying ways we can be more efficient and save money for the taxpayers of Hamilton Township,” said Mayor Bencivengo.  “Today, we are moving closer to making these initiatives a reality, which I firmly believe will be a tremendous benefit for the people of our community.”


“HamStat” (short for Hamilton Statistics) is based upon the more widely-known “CitiStat” program, which is used by cities such as New York City, Baltimore and Providence, RI.  Through “HamStat”, the Township will not only track all non-emergency service requests made by residents and ensure their completion, but also compile data to help analyze the resources needed to complete the service requests.


At a press conference, which was held at the Hamilton Township Golf Center, Mayor Bencivengo announced that part of the existing building at the Golf Center would be converted into the Call Center headquarters.  The location possesses the space necessary to hold the Call Center and will also provide for a pleasant work environment, which the Township believes will translate in to better customer service for residents.  And although the Call Center will be stationed at the Golf Center, Mayor Bencivengo noted that the hours of the golf center’s driving range and miniature golf will not be affected.


In addition, Mayor Bencivengo introduced the Supervisor of the Call Center, Ms. Terri Jany, who possesses experience as a Call Center Supervisor in the private sector and who more recently helped to implement a Call Center for the Superior Court Clerk’s Office.  Before the opening of the Call Center, Jany will work on assembling a knowledge base of all Township service request information and establishing a set of policies and best practices for Call Center to be guided by.  “As a Hamilton resident, I am honored and ecstatic to have the opportunity to help better serve my neighbors and our entire community,” stated Jany. 


The Township will spend the coming weeks preparing the Golf Center building for the Call Center headquarters and the eventual call center service representatives who will receive residents’ phone calls.  Necessary telephone equipment must also be installed.  The Township anticipates that the Call Center will open in either the late fall or early winter of this year. 


The Call Center will use one single telephone number for residents to call.  No longer will residents need to search for the “correct” Township Department or Division or be “transferred” between different offices when trying to contact Hamilton Township by phone.       


Finally, Mayor Bencivengo officially announced the Township’s newly redesigned website, which will work along with the Call Center operations to make the “HamStat” program a success.  While the Call Center will receive all non-emergency citizen service requests made by phone, the newly redesigned website will allow residents to make these same services requests electronically through the Township’s website.  On the homepage of the Township website, a “Citizen Service Request” icon allows residents to choose from a wide array of request-types, type in pertinent information on the issue, and to submit the request for completion.  During the next several weeks, the Township will be working to update and improve the service request options to make submitting a request as easy as possible for residents.    


“‘HamStat’, our Call Center and our newly redesigned Township website will work together in moving Hamilton Township government in the right direction when it comes to serving the people,” concluded Mayor Bencivengo.  “Our priority is the best interest of the taxpayers of Hamilton Township – and providing them with the highest quality of service in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”